A Phantasy Circus
Derek Taylor
DJ Lazer

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Stranded Lovers - A Phantasy Circus 1977
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Stranded Lovers - 1977
The Early Years : 1973 - 1980
A Phantasy Circus .. Baron & Jerry (DJ Lazer and Jeza)
.. a brother act who performed between 1969 and 1979
A Phantasy Circus were seen warming up the night crowd for ZORCH at their infamous all-night (5 hour) psychedelic lightshow extravaganza, Windsor Great Park Festival in 1973 in front of 5-8000 souls. Playing regular gigs with ZORCH, Here & Now Band and Gong throughout the 70s.
Phantasy Circus live at Stonehenge 1975
2 people who appear from time to time ...
Many hours of archived recordings from mainly 1973-4, through to 1979 still exist and Jeza is slowly in the process of revitalising these lost classic reel-to-reel recordings.
Volume 1 subtitled 'Wish You Were Here' is now completed and copies now available exclusively via Jezaland
A few copies still exist (though not for sale) of a 1974 limited edition, hand-made bound volume of circus poetry, lyrics and illustrations, a personal gift to our inner-most sanctum of close friends, called 'It's All in the Walls'.
1974 Phantasy Circus audition for Derek Taylor, The Beatles Press Agent - but fail to land a Warner Bros record deal
in 1977 Phantasy Circus teamed up with Mike Howlett of (Gong) on bass, Steffe Sharpstrings (also Gong) lead guitar, Steve Broughton drums & production to record 2 classic 'electric band' tunes - 'Stranded Lovers' and 'Change the World', mp3s of both songs can be found at Artistlaunch.
A third song featuring Steffe Sharpstrings was the original recording of 'Man in the Mirror' Coincidentally, during the same year Mike Howlett is attributed with 'discovering Sting and the Police'. The earliest known 'Police' gigs were supporting Gong in Paris
The final 1979 Phantasy Circus recordings were made with the aid of Tom Newman, who made his fortune producing Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, a song called 'Dreaming', newly released 25 years later on the 'Man in the Mirror' CD.