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Ballad of Killy Beggs
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Ballad of Killy Beggs
(1.43) - Untraditional Arrangement : Folk - Hip-Hop
In the town of Killy Beggs
There was a lassie dwelling
I knew her very well and
Her strory's worth a telling
Her father had a still
He was a great distiller
And when she took to drinking
Well the devil couldn't fill her
With a marinka doot'n'dah
Marinka doot'n'daddy
Marinka doot'n'dah
And a whack for my daddy o
Well she had a wooden leg
And it was hollow in the middle
She used to put a string in it
And play it like a fiddle
She fiddled in the hall
She fiddled in the alleyway
She didn't care at all for
She had to fiddle anyway
She had lovers by the score
Every Tom & Dick & Harry
She was courted night and day
But still she wouldn't marry
And then she fell in love
To a fella with a stammer
And when he tried to run away
She hit him with a hammer
She had children by the score
Children round the byre
And half a dozen more of them
Sitting round the fire
She fed them on potatoes
And soup she made from nettles
And lumps of hairy meat
That she boiled up in the kettle
And she lived there quite contented
Eating porridge and MacPudding
She terrorised her man
Until he died quite sudden
And when her husband died
She felt so sick and sorry
She wrapped him in a blanket
And she threw him down the quarry !!!
With a marinka doot'n'dah
Marinka doot'n'daddy
Marinka doot'n'dah
And a whack for my daddy
Song story An unfulfilled independent project to release a CD collection of Public Domain songs by independent artists, recorded in modern and untraditional ways, looking for old songs done in a modern style with modern instruments. Hear Jeza in a whole new light
Credits Public Domain traditional Irish drinking song - Jeza - vocal, percussion, production - CoolEditPro
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