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Anthony Ruocco
Gods of Music Review
One fine day
Dancin' in the rain
Sister J
Man in the Mirror
Watching the Cellphone
Ballad of Killy Beggs
Blues Evolution
Tower of Babel
Never go away
Chasing after wind
PBR - Saximix 1991
YTO - Pianimix 1991
Dreaming - 1979
One fine night
Watching the cellphone
(4.28) - Slow 12 Bar Blues (3/4 time)
I been watching the rain,
Fall down
All night long
Falling down my window pane,
Watching the rain
All night long
Guess you don’t know how much
you’re gonna miss your woman
Until she’s gone
That woman she woke up,
She packed her bags and left me
Walked on out that door
That woman she dressed up fine,
She teased my mind,
She turned her back and left me
She don't wanna see me no more !!
Now I’m all alone
Watching the cellphone
It don’t ring no more
Why don’t she call my number ?
She used to ring me all the time
That woman left me
And that's all i gotta say !!
Now that I'm all alone and
Watching the cellphone
It just don't ring no more
That woman she told me
That she loved me
I guess she changed her mind
Don’t you know she
Made an asshole of me
That’s so unkind!
So I gotta pick myself up,
Dusty down and
Git my shit together
I’ll be fine !!
Don’t worry about me
I just need
a shoulder to cry on ..
Song story Boy loses girl, wakes up in morning, drowns sorrows .. you know how it goes
Credits Jeza - guitar, vocal, bass, percussion, production - CoolEditPro. John Hoare - lead guitar - recorded in London. Anthony Ruocco of Vital Point - piano - recorded in NYC
  Made in UK ©2003. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved.
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