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Chasing after wind
PBR - Saximix 1991
YTO - Pianimix 1991
Dreaming - 1979
One fine night
Roberto Luz
Chasing after wind
(4.25) Inspirational Jazz
featuring C M & Roberto Luz
Vanity of vanities
Everything is vanity and
Chasing after wind
What profit has a man of all his labour
Wherein he labours
Under the sun?
A generation passes away
Another generation comes
But the earth abides forever
The sun rises the sun also sets
Then in haste to the place
where it rises again
And the wind goes south
And veers to the north
And round and round and on it’s circuits
The wind returns
All the rivers run into the sea
Then return into rivers
but the sea is not full
This world is full of weariness
Man can’t even utter it
Are your eyes ever satisfied seeing?
Are your ears ever filled with hearing
That which has been done?
It is that which shall be done
That which has been
It is that which shall be
And there is nothing new
under the sun
It’s all vanity
Everything is vanity
It’s all vanity and
Chasing after wind
There is no memory of former things
Nor will there ever be of
Things that are to come
To everything there is a season
And a time to every purpose under heaven
A time to be born a time to die
A time to laugh a time to cry
These are the words of
Solomon the wise
Quohelet. Solomon the wise
I Quohelet.
Solomon the wise
Quohelet, Solomon the wise
That which has been
It is that which shall be
And there is nothing new under the sun
Song story Loosely adapted from Ecclesiastes (Quohelet) by King Solomon.
Quohelet also the inspiration for the Byrds '60s classic 'Turn turn turn'
CM mix and instrumental mix also found on LUCIDITY by C M
Credits Jeza - acoustic guitar, bass, vocal, percussion, production CoolEditPro.
C M - multi-layered flugelhorns, keyboards and percussion - recorded in New Jersey.
Roberto Luz - flute - recorded in Guatemala.
  Made in UK ©2003. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved.
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