Darkness - lofi
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One fine day
Dancin' in the rain
Sister J
Man in the Mirror
Watching the Cellphone
Ballad of Killy Beggs
Blues Evolution
Tower of Babel
Never go away
Chasing after wind
PBR - Saximix 1991
YTO - Pianimix 1991
Dreaming - 1979
One fine night
Darkness - (4.26) - Latin Trance House
Many's the night
I've longed to be with you
And many's the day
I'll end up on my own
Endless the nights
and the days
an impossible journey
To make on my own
Where are you now?
I long to be with you
Show me a sign
Like a star in the sky
Show me a sign
Help me find my way
Out of this darkness
Where I'm on my own
Man in the Mirror photos - Paul Stewart © 2002
Song story "The music is urging continually forward. A lovely river, but with hidden (dark n´deep?) places. JEZA is walking over the moving waters without any uncertainty. His voice speaks smooth yet forcible. Watch out! He´s targeting the layers under your skin." Harmonic Obsessions
Credits Jeza - guitar, vocal, bass, drumpasheen, samples, fx, production CoolEditPro
John Hoare - lead guitar. Caroline Hoare - wordless vocals. DJ Lazer - hand percussion
  Made in UK ©2003. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved.
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