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Jimrie - Sister J

One fine day
Dancin' in the rain
Sister J
Man in the Mirror
Watching the Cellphone
Ballad of Killy Beggs
Blues Evolution
Tower of Babel
Never go away
Chasing after wind
PBR - Saximix 1991
YTO - Pianimix 1991
Dreaming - 1979
One fine night
Sister J
(2.32) - Big Band Jazz
Lord Bygon & Jeza - Jon Solo remix © 2002 Gambino/Jezaland Music
Good morning Sister J,
I get the feeling
You don't sleep at night
You're always
Bouncing round the room
You never seem to get uptight
You're always
FAPping the music we make
Even before the children are awake
No one will steal your day
Sister J
Lord Bygon:
Indie music is your game
You're not in it for the fame
It's your life And although you're just a fan
You're the femme behind the man
And a wife
You'll be updating
FAP stations 'til dawn
It's the pulse
You've got your finger on
So come on everyone
Let's hear it for Sister J
Take it away ..
Bygon skat:
Let's go on singing and
Dancing again
Cause we've found a new
Way to be friends
Indie Music is your game
I can't stop singing your name
Bygon & Jeza
Let's go on singing
and dancing again
Cause we've found
A new way to be friends
Indie Music is your game
I can't stop singing
your name
We know you'll always play
We love you Sister J !
Song story Anglo Italian collaboration - A brand new song dedicated to one of the most dedicated supporters of Indie Music: our beloved friend JIMRIE ~ Empress of FAP ~
Credits Lord Bygon - Music, keyboards, vocal & backing vocals - Guiseppe Gambino Bologna, Italia . Jeza - words and vocals. Jon Solo - keyboards and remix
  Made in UK ©2003. All rights of the producer and of the owner of the works reproduced reserved.
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