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Details - Arriving in Ranong for Tai Rainbow Gathering
Link-ups at RANONG Thailand : Posted 13/12/2006
The Wood House guest house is now running a welcom home sign
I have put a notice board up. TV Room guest hs is close, both are near the mart & bus station for Ah Khoei. Wood House is managed by Wat.
fone 077 830243 | Email Khing_001@hotmail. com
so this is now a provisional half way welcome home center
The local bus leaves Ranong for Kampuan only once a day, at 13:00.
It only leaves Kampuan village returning to Ranong also once a day, at
08:00 in the morning. This might present slight probs to late risers and
nite birds. The bus is 70 bt, poss 80, not more, but its basically a large
open truck, very full of boxes and baskets as well as already crowded
with locals. Fine but not the most comfortable, and if you miss it or its
full, then try again 2moro. There are other main Phuket busses going close at several other times, 10 am, 3pm etc
I have set up with Wat a kind of taxiservice from Rangong High street directly to the site. He said it will take two to three hours and about 500bt of gas to do, so he will have to charge, but weve agreed not much between 70 -100 bt [2-3$].
If full truck loads of people gather at Wood House he will drive them in, its about 75k but frankly, as getting to Kampuan doesnt mean you have arrived at Ao Khoei, or from there to Pii Nai's rubber plantation on the Beach. Id advize forming little caravans and trying to have full trucks will be both the easiest, most direct, cheapest and quickest way to get there.
Again I remind us this is both a boarder area and a strong muslim community inside a predominantly burmese community, so there is a slight tension between the burmese and locals in this general area. I dont mean any problem, I mean be sensitive. These are lovely simple and honest folk who probably havent been as far as Bangkok in their lives, so just consider how they see you and who you are in spirit and enjoy their company.
However his is not a happy house milk soda area like Phuket, so dont expect it to be. Muslim always means uptight about nudity, roudiness and general indecent behaviour. No heavy cop stories, they are present and watching but not arroused, so if youre flying - stay invisible.
Ranong is the best point to get visas for Burma by the way, they do ezy 1 day runs for those who will need it. Wat at Wood House can also arrange this for anyone, just ask.
We also have a Safe luggage story happening, same address, so for those travelling with valuables who dfont want to take them into site, ask Wat and he will store them for you also.
And ah yes, the rain, it rains here, suddenly, full on, can be for an hour or . Its warm, welcome & delightful of course, the temperature remains the same, no probs, but it not only means you might get wet, it means we will need a certain amount more plactic or waterproof material on site. Things can get very damp, clothes dry fast, books and water color pads are harder, so be aware you will need a tarp or tent or at least some bin bags if you intend to keep your pack and sleeping stuff dry. Tents and tarps can be bought easily & at cheap prices in Ranong but the village itself has very little facility, though there is an Email conXn from there I hear.
I would not say you need a tent, wether wise.There are leaping tree spiders but they dont actually bite like the tarantulas or scorpions, but nothing as dangerous as urban traffic. No worries, I love snakes too. Its tropical jungle, you knew that anyway, just be sensible and keep alert.
Ranong shops are basic, for locals, not tourists or high flyers, but this means you can also pick up all kinds of good stuff at prices lower than than Chang Mai or Bangkok. Wonderful rainbow T pots, would you like a cuppa Tee ?
This is my last outreach letter, Im going into site now. Check out the terrain on Google, thats me over there tin he tent with the colored materials flapping, red ribbons, bells and a rainbow T pot on a teak table outside - Live the good life out - C U in 5

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