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Daevid Alien
I first saw psychedelic space jazz rock stalwarts GONG play live in 1974 under the arches at Portobello Road. In 1977 DJ Lazer and I recorded 3 demos as A Phantasy Circus with Steffe Sharpstrings from Here & Now and Mike Howlett, founder member of Gong. Steff went on to replace Steve Hillage as Gong's lead guitarist, and Basil Brooks joined Steve Hillage Band
Steffe's album 'Even as we Glo' with Gilli Smyth was produced by Satch Norton who also sound engineered the band on the road at times. Steffe also appears on 3 tracks of Susan Raven's Glittering Cities album.
The same year, Mike Howlett formed an offshoot band clled FastBreeder and the RadioActors, including Sting on vocals and various members of Gong, Hawkwind and A Phantasy Circus. He also 'discovered' The Police jamming in his basement studios.
I later recorded down in Cornwall with Harry Williamson in 1978 (never released demos), of Mother Gong, Gilly's offshoot band.. Mike now plays with Steve Thandoy of the Karmakanix, also an ex Peacemaker. In 1976 Steve Hillage was clearly heard jamming to A Phantasy Circus from the Here & Now tour bus behind the stage at Meigan Fayre. We later remet at a 1980 New Year Party.
In 1998 Jeza recorded 3 tracks including 'How can I help you?' with Gwyo Zepix of Zorch. 6 months later Gwyo was invited to join Gong on keyboards and guitar for a six month Y2K world tour (as seen above). His partner in Zorch, Basil Brooks, hosted and produced 'Jeza wined up'.
DJ Lazer recently stayed with both Harry Williamson and Daevid Allen at their homes in Australia and was 'house-guest' at the Milkweg 3-day Gong Unconvention in Amsterdam, November 2006. But other than that we have very little connection with these strange people !!