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Jeza and the Peacemakers
From 1980 to the mid 90s Jeza performed using the name 'Mirror' but little is archived from this period.
From the mid 90s onward the live band became known (slightly tongue in cheek) as 'Jerry and the Peacemakers', until working on the debut CD with Basil Brooks as a 'solo artist'.
The line up of the band varied from gig to gig. The photos in the gallery are some of the key people I have played with live.
The core rhythm section of Jeza, Luciano Albo and Tony Greenwood, split up geographically after Luciano returned to Brazil in January 1998.
Jeza plays bass on the 'Man in the Mirror' CD
1997 Finchley Carnival - DJ Lazer, Jeza, Tony Greenwood, Luciano Albo, Luciano Altromaro on sax
Peacemakers Photo Gallery