Jeza's music comes straight from the soul! - If I had three hands I would give it three thumbs up!!
Dolly Rappaport
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Evor : Bill Carrerra
Jeza moves with the masters here in musicianship, interpretation and lyrical quality ...
This is the way Van used to do it
Patti Sterling
"Once again Jeza bedazzles !!!
I listened to
"Writers Block" and what is considerd a throw away tune is a jewel among jewels. JEZA Jewels!! It can't get any better than this."
John Garza
What's being said about Jeza ..
'Unique and intriguing, Jeza has created an impression that lingers, with his use of exotic themes and world class musicianship' - ProCriticRadio
'What a shining example of a playful entertainer in total charge of his art form. This music crosses many lines and it's tailor made for radio play.' -
Keith Hannelek - MuzikMan
'There is an International feel and sound to his music that moves freely
across all borders' -
Bronson Hermuth, author of '100 miles to a record deal'
To me this is an example of why the record industry is so dumb. These tracks are professional in every sense, catchy without being overly commercial, and well written without being over complicated. I myself would listen over and over, but presuming Jeza isn't on a record label, it's criminal. It's all about who you know, and not what you do, because if it were the latter, Jeza would be a household name by now ...
The MyT - UK
Smooth Jazz, but with vocals. Jeza's soothing voice has mellowed with time, and taken on a comforting, avuncular tone. It blends well with the lethargic Latin rhythms and relaxing New Age atmospheres of these songs - Music Download Directory
From start to finish the music of Jeza wanders musically and instrumentally thru a gauntlet of stylings and 'feels'... Recorded by an International cast of players who 'get it' when it comes to helping Jeza's songs come to life. Jeza has his own distinct vocal style and a very cool sense of phrasing that he 'signs' each of his songs with. There is an International feel and sound to his music that moves freely across all borders... Jeza... you will be hearing a lot more music from this extremely talented songwriter, artist and performer and I am sure you won't have to wait long
- Bronson Hermuth
One of those tracks that if you're a sucker for a Fender Rhodes, then you'll love 'How Can I Help You?' ; a warm, evocative mid tempo gem that strikes quite a poignently optimistic chord in this somewhat insular, self centred society. Mr. Withers and the collosal 'Lean on me' could easily have been inspired by this - Small White Thing
I have to say Jeza, I do believe you are a huge talent that should have much greater recognition than you do. You seem to flow with no effort from one genre to the next both in your compositions and style. It has been a pleasure listening to your internet offerings - Vanguard Records LA
This song shows not only what an incredibly sensitive artist Jeza is but also what kind of a generous person he is as well. This song gives me such a warm feeling when I listen to it. This song is a true gem and so is Jeza! - Dolly Rappaport on 'How can I help you?'
'WINED UP' - Perfect Blues for a summers afternoon spent relaxing by the riverbank. A lazy, relaxed, warm and funky album. Fine and fluid guitar playing complemented by Jeza's soulful, golden syrup smooth vocals (Reminiscent of John Martyn). His songwriting is both intellegent and amusing. Jeza has assembled a strong cast of supporting actors for this album, there's some particularly lovely flute and fiddle, while Caroline Hoare provides sublime backing vocals. I thoroughly enjoyed this album - and I hope you do to - GAS -The Gong Appreciation Society published in Samhain magazine October 1999
'I've learned to make my breaks - I wish I always used them' Sometimes the strongest statements are made quietly. This floating but funky track lifts the artist's smokey vocal to question any one person's ability to change the human condition. The above quote is my favorite lyric from the piece . . . Wistful, with just the smallest tinge of regret. Jeza moves with the masters here, in musicianship, interpretation and lyrical quality. . . This is the way Van used to do it -
Patti Sterling on 'How can I help you?'
'Wined Up' is a very nice record. Serious music delivered in a fun manner. Reggae/World type of rhythms and jazzy bass grooves covered with guitar melodies. Jeza's laid-back, Clapton-esque, vocals are what stand out the most. Songs range from whimsical ('Queen Mum', 'Unidentified') to introspective ('Place By the River', 'You're the One'). I've never met Jeza, but I feel like I know something about his personality from listening to this record, and that's a positive thing. It's a good time throughout but the serious moments are what shine the brightest. Recommended track: 'Place by the River.' - OneStopMusic, Shrub
Jeza has such a personal style. The instrumentation and beat is a perfect compliment to Jeza's mellow, inviting voice...I'm totally hooked! This is GREAT music, that should be all over the radio and buzzing in everyones head. How in the world did the record companies miss this great talent?!
I LOVE Jezas music. So professionally done, such emotion and depth. Jeza paints moods with his songs drawing you into his world, and you can't help seeing things through his eyes while listening to him. The beautifully sensitive song 'How can I help you?' is one of my faves......Why the heck Jeza isn't a smash hit all over the world is a mystery to me! 'How can I help you?' This song has such a smooth and comfortable mood to it that I could listen to it endlessly. What a mellow mood Jeza puts me in with this fabulous song. Everything Jeza does is EXCELLENT! - Lisa Mindell, Indie
I love this tune, but I love everything Jeza writes!! His vocals are so bluesy and expressive yet laid back. I love the production on this song. The guitars and harmonica gives it a real down home comfortable feeling. Jeza's music comes straight from the soul! If I had three hands I would give it 3 thumbs up!! - Dolly Rappaport on 'You're the one' (10 stars)
This native of London England shows a solid level of comfort and familiarity with the American country folk blues idiom. 'You're the One' displays handsome guitar work, quiet reflective vocals and a steady hand behind the recording console. Place this one in the cd alongside more acoustic oriented fare by the Allman Brothers Band, Wilco, the Jayhawks, or the Wallflowers and it fits in brilliantly. Give Jeza an 'A' on this one, it's just plain well done - ProCriticRadio
Place by the River … just about the time I thought … if only he would have put a delicate high range female background vocal in it … she came through. This is one of the songs, that you can 'hear and see' the river as Jeza tells you the story in a pretty melody. I could go on and on about this CD, but you would have to listen to it in order to really get the full impact, and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. This CD is well worth owning!! - Patti at Javamusic
Jeza has created an interesting mix of mood and styles. Continental music; high class and high gloss. Black tuxedos and evening gowns and cheap spy movies. One Fine Day has a David Byrne / Peter Gabriel / Moby feel to it. It has the feel of a slight Caribbean or Mediterranean Sea breeze, the air of something exotic. Chasing After Wind is startling in its change of musical direction, but stands up well thematically, offering a bit more of the cheap spy thriller theme to the mix. Consistantly evident is Jeza's unique sense of phrasing, melody, and intonation. Dancing In The Rain is intriquing in its use of funk driven afro-cuban influences, with that ever present Continental appeal. Jeza manages to fully add an element of early seventies soul to the mix, making this song a comfortable fit with bands like Osibisa, Malo, or Main Ingredient. Unique and intriquing, Jeza has created an impression that lingers, with his use of exotic themes and world class musicianship
Chris K - ProCriticRadio
Wow... I wasn't sure what to expect when began to preview these songs, but I can surely say I will b back to download. It's quite obvious the time and effort that went into this song, let alone the emotion. I am a big fan of bass-lines and Jeza uses really catchy ones in every song. But the one thing that really stands out is his voice. Yes it hits just right with the music with force, but yet it's soft enough to pull you into the music. I highly recommend Jeza from the times when you'd like to just kick back and think about life or the times when you wanna get your proverbial groove on hehe with songs like 'Circumstances' or 'Deep Water' (my favorite). Enjoy, and good luck to you Jeza - Sweet Teets, US
Jeza sent us his new release 'Jeza Wined Up' and we are struck by the musical arrangements and Jeza's unique 'Claptonesque' vocals. This is a feel good CD you will want to listen to over and over again. The lyrics are light hearted, the instrumentation superb with catchy hooks, and Jeza paints a beautiful picture on 'Place By The River'. Jeza's sense of humor shines through on 'Queen Mum' - Buzz Emporium - webzine
We downloaded and enjoyed our preview treat of Man In The Mirror - thank you for including us - you have captured a great jamming vibe on this track, and there is some really lovely playing in there. Well done - Satch Norton, Susan Raven
Me, eloquent... yah right! Quite simply, you rawk! - Natalie Brown
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