Jeza wined up - 1999 : crossover jazz rock pop
infectious world rhythms - solid bass grooves,
fluid guitars - and sweet vocals
Recorded on a shoe-string budget during 1999, with old chum and techno producer Basil Brooks, in rural Surrey UK
Luciano Albo had to leave UK for his home Brazil at the beginning of the year. He recorded the bass-lines to a metronome for the entire 12 songs during two marathon recording sessions, before Jeza overdubbed a single note ..
Joined during the process by Gwyo Zepix from 'Gong' on keyboards, John & Caroline Hoare of 'The Haunting AD' on lead guitar and beevees, Robin Gillan on country fiddle and banjo, Tony Greenwood on kit drums
How can I help you? Circumstances Deep Water Place by the river You're the one
The CD was recorded on home computers using CoolEditPro, at a total cost of around £200, which included petrol, food on the table and basic resources - © Thorn Cottage Industries 1999
The cover photo was shot by Brazilian photo-journalist Roberto Steinberger, just off Abbey Road, London. On the crossing across the road from the more famous crossing, once crossed by the Beatles
I happened to pass this location (EMI recording studios) on the way to recording sessions. The inspiration was to re-make Sargeant Peppers .. but to do it 'My Way', with legs crossed and guitar slung upside-down and backwards - with the Beatles influence placed firmly in my background.