Who's Who on 'Jeza wined up'
Musical Notes
Listen to 'Darkness' Jeza - UK. wrote, arranged, perfomed, sang, engineered and organised the entire CD project on a shoe-string budget, working closely with Basil Brooks as producer during 1998-99 Luciano Albo from Brazil. Formed an irreplacable alliance with Jeza during 1997 as 'The Peacemakers'. Recorded all tracks in 2 marathon sessions before any other instruments were recorded. Returned to Brazil early on in the process
John Hoare John Hoare. Lead guitarist from local rock band 'The Haunting AD'. Twice overall winners of 'Battle of the Bands' contests. John's amazing fluid style and versatility graces 10 songs on the CD, as well as subsequent recordings. Caroline Hoare. John's other half .. lead singer for 'The Haunting AD'. Actress, singer and full time mum. Caroline's 'sublime' backing vocals appear on 8 tracks of the CD.
Robin Gillan. London. A well known local multi-instrumentalist in folk circles. Played fiddle and banjo on 'Place by the river' and 'End of the line', and blues harmonica on 'You're the one'. Now lives and works in the USA Tony Greenwood from London has played in numerous bands in a long and colourful career. Part of the original 'Peacemakers' power trio. Recorded drums on 5 tracks in November '97 before the band split up geographically
Basil Brooks. Founding member of 'Zorch', all synthesizer band in the early 70s. Later played with the Steve Hillage Band. Produced and engineered the entire album from his home in rural Surrey using CoolEditPro. Flute on 'Changing with the weather' Gwyo Zepix. Co-founder of 'Zorch'. Based in Germany. Played keyboards on 3 tracks including 'How can I help you?'. Later recruited to join 'Gong' on keyboards and guitar.
Edwin Brooks. Aged 13 and 3/4. An honorary mention. Basil's youngest offspring, lent us his bedroom to use as a main recording studio. Plays drums on 'Queen Mum' and had the final word on the CD on 'End of the line' - 'What's it got to do with me?' Roberto Steinberger. Brazil. Took the cover photos for the CD. Using a croosing near to the famous crossing on Abbey Road, London, outside the EMI recording studios.as our backdrop. Placing the Beatles firmly in Jeza's background ..