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1970s Free Music Festivals
Rhayader Festival in the Prescilli Mountains, summer 1976
Event prematurely halted by the authorities, whilst revellers cautioned for 'loitering within tents' ...
My personal black & white photograph collection capturing the mid 1970s Free Music Festivals in rural UK, including Stonehenge, Meigan Fayre, Rhayader & Deeply Vale .. reaches several hundred images, covering a period in folk/rock history that has all but faded from our everyday realities
This Gallery celebrates some of the people who were at these gatherings of the tribe. There are seperate galleries of the Festival bands such as Here & Now, Nik Turner, Zorch and Gong as well as my own band A Phantasy Circus that regularly played these events. There is also a brand new WOMAD gallery open with colour photos of recent years
The origins of 'jeza wined up' and many of the friendships and musicians I still know and work with today were forged at these joyous gatherings. The first image is of Basil and his good wife Tracy Brooks, my producer on jeza wined up, already old friends in 1975. It is with great pleasure that JEZALAND brings you now for the first time, this unique and original selection of black and white 1970s Free Festival images shot with my first Pentax slr camera, and processed by hand
All images are copyright to Jeza. Please do not reprint or use without first obtaining permission
Meigan Fayre Wales, Summer 1976
Stonehenge - Celebration and Subversion
Jeza is proud of the contribution made to Andy Worthington's sociological history of Stonehenge and the free festival scene in the UK, featuring several photos from this gallery.
This new book gives a fascinating insight into the various countercultural obsessions with the Stones and provides a variety of new perspectives to many of the key events surrounding the Henge such as the Battle Of The Beanfield and the more recent attempts hold a celebration at the Stones during the Solstice.
Find out more about this great book by clicking on the cover to the left and visit the Heart of Albion Press web site .
Deeply Vale, Stonehenge and others ..