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Welcome to my website. Here you can learn the location of my photo gallery sites where you wil find many dramatic photos of birds in flight.

The main gallery site is HERE.

Many more images can be found at Jalbum.

I have specialised in capturing dramatic photos of flying birds. Bird photography has become my passion; many of the shots have been taken in my own garden. You can see ordinary garden birds captured in flight, allowing you to appreciate them as perhaps never before. There is also a growing collection of photos taken in the countryside and on the coasts of the South West of England. All in-flight photos are taken by natural light, endowing them with a very pleasing visual quality. I do not use high-speed flash for any of these photos.

If you like any of these pictures of wild birds or other wildlife, you may like to consider ordering prints or greetings cards .

Prints and framed prints (ideal gifts!) can be ordered on-line at my main site and greetings cards from Zazzle. These sites show only a tiny selection of the bird and nature pictures available. Just visit Jalbum and select any images you want to be printed, email me with your selection and I will upload them to the appropriate site to produce your print or greeting card.

I hope that you will enjoy these photos and visit Jalbum and the main site often to track the ever-growing collection. Of course, I also hope that you will want to buy greeting cards or prints so that you have a permanent copy of your favourite pictures.

John Crabb

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A wild Robin flies to hand.

Thanks for your interest in my bird photography.

The main collections of photographs will be found at the following sites

The main gallery site is HERE.

More photos can be viewed at Jalbum


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robin and hand
A wild Robin in flight.
Jackdaw raiding bird table.
Blue Tit (or Chickadee) in flight.
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