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Links to interesting Art websites

For images to browse and ponder, have a look at: The National Archives - be amazed at this site's treasures; The British Library - superb illustrations of manuscripts including the Lindisfarne Gospels and Beowulf and of Gutenburg's achievement, without which (arguably), you wouldn't be reading this. Click here to see the full digitised Gutenberg archive, it takes a while to download but it's worth it.

I've enjoyed jewels from Walker Art Gallery, Tate Galleries (although this site seems a bit fussy to navigate), The National Gallery, London and The National Galleries of Scotland especially the National Gallery of Modern Art - see some of their images, including an entertaining Magritte, at Be sure to view a great site from The London Institute and be inspired by these pictures.

Be thrilled by the statue of Peter the Great in St Petersburg and rkreuzer has some marvellous links to relevant Peter the Great Web sites. The statue looks like any other old militaristic effort (apart from the rock) until you notice that all that weight is only held up by the tail and back legs - why doesn't it crack? After seeing this in Leningrad, as it then was, I took the kids to see a statue, ready-patinaed, of a nuclear family with a dog, at the entrance to a new Wates estate in Horley. They enjoyed working out how the figures were supported. Others must have done the same because, within a week, someone had nicked the dog. reports the unveiling of the Ecce Homo statue which occupied the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square, London briefly at the end of 1999. reports this with a stunning illustration and fourthplinth has images of the event. The inappropriate smallness of the statue in proportion to the plinth and the site, made it somehow easier to engage with, in what seemed like a timely gesture to the Millennium. You can see images of the statue in a gallery here and here there are images of other work by the artist Mark Wallinger.

There are refreshingly unusual images made from pasta at but remember that the sign in the prices means lire here.

For the drum gif on the FLAMS page and loads of excellent clipart, see

A richly rewarding and very full description of some of the best the Web has to offer in free online image databases and Web resources outside the U.S., can be found at Looking for good art: part 3: Glorious national collections by David Mattison, Access Archivist, British Columbia Archives, Royal BC Museum Corporation in Information Today Vol. 12 No. 10 - Nov/Dec 2004. Links are annotated and arranged under "Global directories and guides" and individual countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK


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