In response to a growing demand, FLAMS became publishers in 1990 and published
Learn to play drums with Jock Cree with an accompanying cassette to enable students to see and to follow what is being played. Again in response to demand, FLAMS published Learn to play drums and read music with Jock Cree with additional material and an accompanying CD.


Learn to play drums and read music with Jock Cree - book with CD including extra material. ISBN 0-9516132-6-x

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Learn to play drums with Jock Cree - 2nd edition - book with cassette. ISBN 0-9516132-1-9

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Addendum boogie/McPhillips, 1976

"3"/W. Scott Cree, 2001

Ancient French love song/Scott Cree, 1964

Angel/Scott Cree, Trueman-Border, 2002

Ask the DJ (make it slow)/Scott Cree, 1998

Ay de oh ho/Scott Cree, 2003

Bavarian masterpiece/Sherman, 1972

Burn up/Scott Cree, Trueman-Border, 2002

The carrots song/Scott Cree, Trueman-Border, 2002

Channel tragedy '71/Godden, Godden, 1971

Children of the summer sun/Skelton, 1972

Come along me lucky lads/Scott Cree, McPhillips, 2001

Dave's Big Issue blues/Scott Cree, 2003

Days like these/Scott Cree and Scott Cree, 2003

Don't Allow/Scott Cree, Trueman-Border, 2002

(Feel so) sad and lonely/Scott Cree, 1967

Freedom's torch/Scott Cree, 2001

Full of smiles/Sherman, Hornsey, 1972

Grievance (no sense)/Scott Cree, 1998

Hay fever blues/Scott Cree, 1976

I do my thing/Scott Cree, 1998

I hate you/Digance, Scott Cree, 1976

I'm lumbered with you/Digance, Scott Cree, 1979

I must keep trying/Scott Cree, 2003

I saw you at the 100 Club/Scott Cree, 2003

Incorrigible/Scott Cree, 2003

Indirigible/Scott Cree, 2003

The Isle of Capri [new words]/Scott Cree, 2001

It starts with a "V"/Scott Cree, 1998

It's not Friday is it?/Scott Cree, 1975

Last night I went to Crawley, to hear Chuck Berry sing/Scott Cree, 2003

Last night I wet my baby's head (again)/Scott Cree, 1975

The last protest song/Scott Cree, Trueman-Border, 2002

Mao oo mah mah/Scott Cree, 2003

Mid-life crisis blues/Scott Cree, 1990

Off the peg/Scott Cree, 1985

Oh Buddy/Scott Cree, 1980

Old male rant/Scott Cree, 2001

One for Bod/Scott Cree, 1974

Paddy me bhoy/Scott Cree, 2001

Pink sunglasses/Scott Cree,1998

The pith of history/Scott Cree,1975

The pub song (The Nightingale Inn)/Scott Cree, 1975

Red-nose blues [tune]/Scott Cree, 1971

She's a paragon of virtue/Scott Cree, 2003

She's being dumped/Scott Cree, 1998

Side by side [tune]/Scott Cree, 1978

Singing my future blues/Scott Cree, 2002

Some headlines (such triumphs)/Scott Cree, 2003

Song [tune]/Scott Cree, 1965

Sun style/W. Scott Cree, 2001

A superfluous man/Scott Cree, 1998

Take me to the courtroom/Scott Cree, Trueman-Border, 2001

Underneath a Cajun moon/Scott Cree, 2001

The war game/Scott Cree, 1967

When The Grapes became The Louis/Scott Cree, 1972


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