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Now then - the players

Now then/ John Scott Cree and Ron Trueman-Border - FLAMS Records Cd cover - illustration of Will Scott Cree and Paul Scott Cree, on the Worth Way, Sussex, England

Vocals : Ron Trueman-Border and John Scott Cree
All guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, mandoline, drum machines by
Ron Trueman-Border except:
Guitars : John Scott Cree (tracks 1,6,15,16)
Saxes: Jim (Thunderbolt) Pitts (6,11,13)
Drums: Davide Quaquarella (1,5,6), Jock Cree (15)
Keyboards: Louis O'Neill (15)
Trumpet: Bernard Hodgson (15)
Double Bass: Alan Kennington (15)

Recording, mixing mastering by Jim Ward at Country Branch, Crawley, 2002
Additional recording and mixing on all tracks at The Little Room, Sidcup, 2002
Tracks 1,15,16 mastered at The Little Room, Sidcup
Production master by Jim Ward at Country Branch, Crawley
Drums & keyboard tracks on 15 - by Steve Hedges, Wash House Studio, Crawley
Drums tracks 1,5,6 - by Danilo Cavali & Robert Broggi, Settenotte, Milan


ONE FOR BOD - the players

One for Bod - John Scott Cree - audio Cd cover - illustration of Bod Bowles, Jazz trombonist, playing 1972 when The Grapes became The Louis Armstrong, Dover, England

New City Jazzmen(tracks 1-6, 9,10)

Trumpet: Bernard Hodgson
Trombone: Ron Westcott
Clarinet: Chris Jaques
Double Bass: Alan Kennington

Bod Bowles Jazz Band (tracks 12-15)
Trumpet: Bill Barnacle
Trombone: Bod Bowles
Clarinet: Ian (I can’t hear you) Turner
Double Bass: Dave Fairfoul
Drums: Pete Stevens
Vocals (track 15): Paul Sherman

Bass guitar: Will Scott Cree (BFH)(7), Mick Platt (10)
Double Bass: Alan Kennington (8)
Piano: Louis O’Neill (2,4,6,8), Kevin McPhillips (11)
Accordions: Iris Bishop (10)
Drums: Davide Quaquarella (1,3,5,6,9), Jock Cree (2,4,10)
Vocals (except track 15), guitars and percussion (tracks 7, 11): John Scott Cree

Recording by Jim Ward at Country Branch, Crawley (2001) except:
drums, piano (2,4,6) and bass guitar, drums (10) - by Steve Hedges, Wash House Studio, Crawley (1999)
drums (1,3,5,6,9) - by Danilo Cavali & Robert Broggi, Settenotte, Milan (1999)
piano (11) - by Jim Dennett, Lee Street, Horley (1976)
band (12-15) - by Ron Nunn, The Louis Armstrong, Dover (1972)
All editing, mixing, mastering, digital transfers from vinyl and glueing the bits together by Jim Ward
Piano on track 11 released originally on vinyl: Folk at The Chequers presents (WOUNDED WR 1068)
Band on tracks 12 – 15 released originally on vinyl: Bod Bowles Jazz Band (FLAMS FR 1064)

To the memory of Bod Bowles 1930-2000


A SUPERFLUOUS MAN - the players

A superfluous man - audio Cd cover - John Scott Cree

Davide Quaquarella - Drums (1-4, 7, 10-12)
Jock Cree - Drums (5, 8, 9)
Mick Platt - Bass (1-4, 6-8, 10-12)
Kevin McPhillips - Bass/Backing vocals (5)
Dan Scott Cree - Bass (9)
Bob Wilkinson - Saxes
Eddie Hurdman - Fiddle
Joe Scott Cree - Wooden flute (9), Ukelele (8)
Nat Scott Cree - 12-string guitar (9)
John Standley - Harmony Meteor/Backing vocals (5)
The Phatt Bs - Backing vocals
JSC - Other guitars and percussion
Recording/mixing engineer:
Wash House: Steve Hedges
Seventh Wave: Lawrence (5)
Davide’s drums recorded at Settenote, Milan
engineers: Danilo Cavalli, Roberto Broggi

A superfluous man: the book


WIVABANDON - the players

Piano: Pete Arnesen(a), Cliff Hall(b)(c), Lance Dixon(d)
Fender Rhodes: Cliff Hall(b), Lance Dixon(d)
Hammond organ: Cliff Hall(c)
Guitars: Ricky Hitchcock(b)(c), Geoff Whitehorn(a)(d), Graham Ratcliff(e), JSC(c)(d)
Bass: Frank McDonald(a), Alan Jones(b)(c), Alan James(d)
Drums: Simon Phillips(a), Pete Kircher(b)(c)(d)Wivabandon - audio Cd cover - John Scott Cree
Harmonica: Mick Fox(b)
Tenor Sax: Ron Asprey(b)(c), Jeff Daly(d)
Baritone Sax: Ronnie Ross(b)(c)
Trumpet: Martin Drover(b)(c), Jeff Evans(b)(c)
Trombone: Geoff Wright (b)(c)
Congas, Bongos: Tony Carr(d)
Sleigh bells: Tony Atkins(a)
Handclaps: Tony Atkins(d), JSC(d)
Cowbell, Guiro, Cabasa: JSC(d)
Maracas (b)(d): JSC
Synthesizer: Mike Bailey(d)
Violin (c)(d): Julian Gaillard, G Palmer, D McConnell, D Moody, L Rossi, L Clay
Viola (c)(d): W Jones, G Scott
Cello (c)(d): Robin Firman, Denis Vigay
Vocals: Linda Taylor(c)(d), Sharon Campbell(d)

John Scott Cree Pye album advert

Brass, reed and string arrangements: Mike Bailey
Produced by Tony Atkins
Engineers: Terry Evennett, Paul Lipson (Pye)
Alan (TW)
(a) Recorded at TW Studios, 18 September 1975
(b) Recorded at Pye Studios, January 1978
(c) Recorded at Pye Studios, January-March 1978
(d)(e) Recorded at Pye Studios, March 1978

With thanks to:

Pye - Peter Prince, Jed Kearse, Terry Brown, Alan McLaughlin, Mike Everett, Dave Stevenson, Mike Allen, Nick Hugg, Roger Cox, Cherry and all the girls in the office

EMI Music Publishing - Kay O'Dwyer, Nigel Elderton, Maurice Clark, Paddy McIntyre, Ernie Ponticelli

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VINYL TOUR - the players

Vinyl tour/John Scott Cree - FLAMS Records cassette insert - 1999

Eddie Hurdman - Fiddle (c),(d)
Mick Platt - Bass (c),(d)
Kevin McPhillips - Intro and drums (d)
John Joseph, Washboard (d)
Joe Scott Cree, Ukulele (d)
Madeleine Scott Cree, Whistle + Vocals (e)
Paul Scott Cree, Drums (e)
Will Scott Cree, Fiddle + Vocals (e)
Recorded at:
(a) Brighton Poly 9 December 1976
(b) Folk at The Chequers 17 April 1976
(c),(d) The Hawth 12 September 1997
(e) Notre Dame School, Crawley January 1995
Recording engineers:
(a) Pat Kingston
(b) Roy Stuart and Jim Dennett
(c)(d) John
Mixing engineer:
Martin Noakes


BOD BOWLES JAZZ BAND: Volume 1 - the players

BOD BOWLES JAZZ BAND: Volume 1 - FLAMS Records sleeve - 1972

Bod Bowles, trombone
Bill Barnacle, trumpet
Ian Turner, clarinet
Dave Fairfoul, bass
Pete Stevens, drums
Paul Sherman, vocals
John Scott Cree, guitar (depping for Pete Mercer, banjo)
Recorded at:
The Louis Armstrong, Dover 1972


DUO DAYS - the players

Eddie Hurdman - Fiddle, Guitar
Mick Platt - Bass
John Scott Cree, harmonica
Recorded at:
Wash House, Crawley, 1999



ANGELS - the players

George Wilson, guitar/vocals
The Rock Chicks - Jenny and Kate, back vocals
Joe Scott Cree, bouzouki and whistles
John Scott Cree, back vocals
Recorded at:
Over the Moon Music, Winchester, 2000


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