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Thanks to musicians played with

Wivabandon - audio Cd cover - John Scott Cree

People have taken much trouble to construct sites, with amazing CVs, on some of the distinguished musicians I had the privilege of working with on sessions and elsewhere over the years.

Jake Moore .....

Status Quo site devotes generous space to the worthy Pete Kircher (drums).

Ricky Hitchcock (guitar) .....

Has his own visually appealing site, which takes a while to download but is worth the wait.

Geoff Whitehorn (guitar) .....

The link to the very informative Spanish site doesn't always work, but is worth persisting with.

Hans Waalwijk ...

Maintains a useful site in The Netherlands on the career of Simon Phillips (drums).

Dave D.....

Shadows' site includes much information about Alan Jones (bass) and Cliff Hall (keyboards).

Ronnie Ross...

didn't look as if he wished to discuss his solo on Lou Reed's Walk on the wild side or The Bull's Head or, indeed, anything else with the likes of me; but I was proud to have him there.

Linda Taylor...

gave her best Jane Birkin shot on A saucy French love song..

Richard Digance..

Interesting site of a man who worked very hard to achieve success. In the 70's we hung out a bit, played a bit and wrote a bit. He gave me much encouragement and useful advice and I'm grateful.

Barrie Barlow.....

A great drummer and good friend who gave much encouragement. I met Barrie through Richard Digance. Barrie kindly played a school PTA gig with me and the embryonic Mid-Life Crisis band, 2 days after returning from a run of gigs with Jethro Tull at Madison Square Gardens.

Ric Parnell.....

played with Ric in a band at school. He went to good things with Atomic Rooster and as all the drummers in Spinal Tap

Nick Headon.....

Nick played the first gig of The Bill Barnacle Quartet before we became drummerless. Of course, Nick went on to fame as Topper with The Clash

Ron Trueman-Border ...

A gifted writer/performer - see the website for current gigs, news, lyric sheets and MP3 downloads. Catch him while you can.

Mid-Life Crisis Blues Band ...

I played with Kevin and John and the others in the early 90's, before they hit the Royal Albert Hall.

Fair Trade .....

A superfluous man - audio Cd cover - John Scott CreeI played on and off with this Irish band for more than 10 years and still turn out regularly with Mick Platt and Eddie Hurdman, who kindly played on my "Superfluous Man" sessions.

Keith Kendrick .....

"An Exceptionally fine singer" - Living Tradition Magazine. English and Anglo Concertinas, Guitar and Voice. I've worked with Keith for years at Broadstairs Festivakl but only managed a couple of post-gig tunes with him, so far.


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