Things they've said

John Scott Cree, Pye single, advertLooks a dead cert ... whoever this loony is ... attacks with the vigour of Frankie Miller with a good bevy" John Shearlaw, Record Mirror

"Amazingly good" Colin Irwin, Melody Maker

"Is it a joke? It most certainly is" Bob Geldof, New Musical Express

"The boffs are from the belly" Phil Sutcliff, Sounds

"Brilliant" Paul Phillips, Radio & Record News

"Clearly addictive" John Wishart, Record Mirror

"Not bad" Tim Rice

"Laugh of the week ... hilarious" Anne Nightingale, Daily Express

"Classic" Chris Tarrant

"Triffic!" Raymond Briggs

"best xmas song has to be wounded john scott cree and his version of Rudolph ... every home should have one" BBC6 Music

"... sadly ignored classic. Listen out for it. You won't be disappointed." Cyclingplus

"Maddest record you've heard ... 12 bar booze."

"This guy knew exactly what Christmas was all about and went out to totally destroy it with this blues parody of the infamous kiddies favourite. Imagine any "woke up this mornin'" blues song, with a chugging beat, tortured vocals and chunky guitars and you've got it in one. What a p**s take!!!! Brilliant". - Quinny, Southampton

"Mad or a genius or both" John Van der Kiste

"As rasping as a cheese grater on gravel ... like the forlorn wailing of a man on his way down a lift shaft" Richard Jennings, Crawley Observer

"At the microphone he looks like ... Sid James, wrestling with his guitar like it's a live thing and singing in an earthy, throaty voice that at times is even bigger than he is ... His subject matter is not the usual songwriter's fare ... some showman ... rather exciting" Jim Pollard, Link

"sort of if "The Cure's Robert Smith became a comedian" Magdalena, ROCK-N-GO NO HALL

"ragged but right ... very enjoyable ... buy this CD and catch him live" Pete Fyfe,

"Wow! What a fun listen ... a more than worthy addition to your cdtheque. I listened to it its in entirety 3 times in the last day. And I know it will be a regular on my overworked tray :-) " Claude Gagne, K.L.O.D. ezine

"His songs are light, funny pieces ... filled with clever lyrics, infectious in their humor and delicate in their descriptions ... definitely one of a kind ..." Andrea Caumont, LEFTOFFTHEDIAL

"... leaves no genre unstamped with his sardonic wit and is all over the map with musical stylings while proving his impeccable musicianship. A brilliant musical trip through the humorous side of life." Peacework Music

"A great combination of enthusiasm, anecdote, passion, humour and honesty" Danny Houston

A superfluous man - CD cover - John Scott Cree"I actually like it!" Kenny Young & The Eggplants

"His lyrics are silly, socially relevant, interesting, unique and FUN FUN FUN! ... A Superfluous Man is a wonderful disc full of life. Get it, listen and feel good about life. You won't be wasting a single moment!" Jen Lush,

"a truly great performer sadly underrated by almost everyone. Keep on keeping on Mr Cree" Bernie Timms

"imagine an English version of Tom Waits with a sense of humour ...a monster voice that made your stomach vibrate... songs have intelligent melodies as well as good lyrics, and all wrapped up in THAT voice - they'll get into your brain and you'll be humming them for days" Andrew Bartholomew

"Wickedly funny combination of Blues and Folk songs ... with a gruff punchy range which slips into a smooth soulful feel only to grab you back by the ears with its humorous touches ... a rousing, pithy yet sometimes thoughtful look at life ..." Tracey Howard-Baker

"Top stuff ... really funny!" Jake Moore

"A damned fine recording if I may say so" Tony Albrow

"explores emotions from love to loathing all with tongue firmly placed in cheek " Jeremy Weaver

For kindly playing my songs, thanks to:

Paul Burnett, Malcolm Brown, Dave Lee Travis, Peter Powell, Mike Read, Steve Wright, David Hamilton, Robbie Vincent, David Price, Paul Gambuccini, Noel Edmonds, Tommy Vance, Alexis Korner, Stuart Coleman, Stewart Mackintosh, Richard Digance, Shep Woolley, Eggy Ley, Chris Tarrant, Bill Torrance, Thom Bell, Andy Park, Colin Slade, Ray Stuart, Timbo Lloyd, Johnnie Walker, Jonathan Ross and to Tony Blackburn for unkindly playing one

For kindly interviewing and reviewing my stuff, thanks to:

Richard Jennings, John Shearlaw, Bob Geldof, Colin Irwin, Phil Sutcliff, Paul Phillips, John Wishart, Anne Nightingale, David Reading, Graham Jones, Barbara Gower, Graham Larcombe, Robin Nowacki, Jim Pollard, Paper Plane, Dave Garner, John Van der Kiste, Magdalena, Bernie Timms, Andrew Bartholomew, Tracey Howard-Baker, Jeremy Weaver, Andrea Caumont, Tony Albrow, Claude Gagne, Pete Fyfe, Jake Moore, Danny Houston, Jen Lush

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