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Mid-life crisis blues
I drive upmarket it's a Mercedes Benz, I work all hours and collapse at weekends
My brain is shattered and my nerve's on the blink, I need a chauffeur 'cos I'm driven to drink
My stars say 'cos I'm Pisces I've got mid-life crisis blues

My job's so pressured that I can't take it easy, we don't have children we were always too busy
Threw my wife a party 'cos she told me I owe her, we all swapped wives but I got a lawnmower
I'm not into vices I've got mid-life crisis blues

(Ch) (Mid-life crisis), really getting to me
(Mid-life crisis), it just wont let me be
(Mid-life crisis),bleeding my hormones
(Mid-life crisis),drains the marrow from my bones

My best friend told me 'get a bit on the side, buy some new clothes John and get your hair dyed'
I took my P.A. on a business weekend, I just got drunk and she got off with friend
It's true what my wife says I've got mid-life crisis blues


I gave up sports because I started to lose, was it my health or mid-life crisis blues?
Went to my doctor he said 'here's what I think, I just can't help you what you need is a shrink'
I was told by the psychiatrist I've got mid-life crisis blues
He said 'my advice is you've got mid-life crisis blues'
In the final analysis I've got mid-life crisis blues

It starts with 'V'
I'm nearly 51 and think I've lost it, I had it just a month or two ago
It was there the last time it was wanted, but I just don't seem to have it anymore

(Ch) This is a problem and it's bothering me, I know the answer and it starts with a "V"

I don't know if I'm sad or if I'm happy, it was a regular nuisance at times
A guaranteed arouser, a bulge unsightly in my trousers
A real triumph of matter over mind


It would distract me when it was most awkward, intruding with the signals which it sends
On the street or on a train, in a meeting,in a plane
And even inconvenience this false friend


I didn't use it often when it was there, on the other hand I miss it now its gone
Perhaps I should have done more when I had it, so I thought I'd better warn you in this song


I always knew to use it or to lose it, but didn't really think that this meant me
There's a ready answer to this problem, but why do all solutions start with "V"?


Victory Vs and Valium, Valderma,Vosene, Vick, Virol, Venos - got them all at home
Can't continue to ignore it, I know there's nothing for it
I'll have to buy another Vodaphone


A superfluous man
Outside looking in, sometimes I feel so low (Repeat)
A self-excluding alien, I'm the stranger at your door

Took me until now to know I'm a superfluous man (Repeat)
It's wanting to be different that makes me what I am

Bullied in my schooldays, well I suffered teenage angst
Work hard at my job but my boss sees talking in the ranks
If you're going to be a loser, you need something to lose
Sometimes I find it hard to live with, living life the way I choose

Some people watch a thing happen, some don't know it's happened at all (Repeat)
But I me I make things happen, I won't be bound by these four walls

Outside looking in, sometimes I feel so low (Repeat)
A self-excluding alien, I'm the stranger at your door

She's being dumped
When I see you at the bus stop in the morning, I won't care if you don't say 'hello'
I'm so tired of making all the running with you, now the race is done and there's no where left to go

(Ch) I'm your fun figure, who's tired of being dumped on
You're a gold digger and now I dumping you

You don't encourage me when I try to talk to you, and to 'phone you up for me is purgatory
I can hear you friends all laughing while you sit there pulling faces and you leave me in no doubt the joke's on me
(And the drinks)


You talk of equality, please don't make me laugh, when did you ever offer to pay the other half?
The only roll I do is when I bankroll you, I'm going to pull the plug 'cos I'm not daft


I'm tired of wild goose chasing, and I'm not that self-effacing
It seems to me I need more highs than lows

What I've got in mind's seduction, by a girl in film production
But where I'm going to find one goodness knows


What I've got in mind's seduction, by a girl in film production
But where I'm going to find one goodness knows

Oh Buddy
Do do do, do do do do do
(Ch) Oh Buddy it's a shame you took that flight 'cos I need another song
And I need it here tonight
I've played 'Peggy Sue' to death even though I really love that tune
Oh Buddy, shame you died so soon

I took my guitar to the party, everybody asked me to play
I knew fine that's all that I'd been asked for, but I don't have pride enough to stay away
If you play guitar you'll know what I mean when I say it was the usual scene
No one pays the piper but they always call the tune
And it's a shame that Buddy Holly died so soon


(Bridge) I know if he'd lived longer he'd have left us with more songs
And perhaps these ears are jaded and I do the poor man wrong

But I've heard and played them all so much I'll knock it on the head
And go and get another drink or find a girl instead
But while you've played the night away the alcohol's all gone
The girls have too there's nothing left
Except another song


I do my thing
I do my thing, you do your thing, I am not in this world to
Live up to your expectations
Nor you to mine, for you are you, and I am I and if by chance
We find each other it is beautiful

And if not, it can't be helped, I do my thing and you do your thing
For you are you, I am I

So if by chance we find, our brothers enslaved, our sisters in chains,
The world ruled by fascists, 'cos we were doing our thing, it can't be helped?

Music: John Scott Cree; Words after Fritz Perls and anon.

Grievance (no sense) Get this track free online - from

If your life is like four seasons, mine's the 2nd of October, all I know as I grow older is what I don't know
We once called our dog Rover but it's changed to BMW, we are moving with the times, the old ways must go

And it's thumbs up for the young guy who drives the XR3I, for the lack of manners which begets the bully
For the mobile phone and laptop user, the money blown by lottery losers, and only "Haves" can participate fully

And there is no sense in a sense of grievance
Foucault and his pals knew all along
Do what you like unless you harm another
Everything is right and nothing's wrong

But this self-regard of the consumer, exotic foreign holidays and gym
This freedom without harm to others, eclipses doing good to brothers
Was the Live Aid spirit just a whim?

There may be no sense in a sense of grievance
But we must learn from the past to get along
The worthwhile things are what we do for others
Foucault and his pals have got it wrong

I'm lumbered with you
When my friends said 'don't let your heart rule your head', I didn't really know what to do
I thought 'that'll be the day' but now I have to say, I can see their point of view
I was in need of a cuddle but I've had too much trouble, and the rewards have been too few
When they said 'start again' I should have used my brain, but I didn't and I'm lumbered with you

Sheep go 'baa' and creeps go far, but I'm going out of my mind

I think I took the wrong tack and made a rod for my own back, because usually I'm pretty astute
But I was so full of booze I felt quite confused, in fact I was confused as a newt
My heart was just a vacuum 'til I saw you in that back room, looking as if you need someone too
I should have been led by what my friends said, but I wasn't and I'm lumbered with you


I think I've got a fair moan you're eating me out of house and home, and I mean that quite literally
It was hunger made you start it but you could have left the carpet, now I've kissed goodbye to my settee
You see my front door's too small and you're stuck there in the hall, I can't get you to take you to the zoo
And you keep getting bigger if I'd a gun I'd pull the trigger, but I haven't and I'm lumbered with you
I said, I haven't and I'm lumbered with you

John Scott Cree / Richard Digance 1978

The pith of history Get this track free online - from

A bunch of drunken Normans came on a day trip from Boulogne,
They bought their duty free fags and a couple of bottles of woine
They had an English beer or two which filled them with such zest
They thought they'd buy red noses for this was a Norman conk quest

(Ch) Run this by me once more, the pith of history

There were no noses to be bought for they had not been invented
And with their bellies full of beer the French were discontented
So Bill the boss told all his lads to go out on the spree
Kick some plate glass windows in and bash up OAPs


King Harold was at Stamford Bridge though West Ham were at home
When first editions carried news of vandalism done
But he was north and they were south so he didn't go like he oughter
He thought it was excessive prose by tabloid press reporters


By the time he got down to the coast a battle was in full swing
There was bits of bodies flying about and lumps of dirt and things
And one of his blokes says 'what'll we do we can't just let things lie?'
'Hang about' says Harold 'I've got something in my eye'


Pink sunglasses
My mum told me when I was a kid, she said son I have something to say
Just hear my song and you won't go far wrong, if you're lost you will find your way

(Ch) She said "Always take a hankie when you're going out somewhere, mind your manners, don't be heard just seen
You're on your best behaviour but in case you get runover, make sure your socks and underwear are clean"

Mum I hear the other kids laugh, they tell me that I look daft, because I wear sunglasses that are pink
I know I've just had measles and this won't last forever, but I'd rather let my eyes go on the blink


But Mum the other kids all mock me, without glasses I can still see, (Ch) she said 'nothing's ever right for you
They cost a lot of money, you must wear them 'cos it's sunny
They're all we could get they'll have to do'


Off the peg
When I was a child it was the '50s decade, there was free milk in schools and free orange for babes
Now in my teens I stand tall in my shoes, and all of my friends they're all six foot too (two)

(Ch) Got a twenty-six waist, twenty nine inside leg
I want to buy my clothes off-the-peg

When we go shopping they tell our mums lies , they say 'Your boy's an irregular size'
Buy made-to-measure - you'll pay through the nose, that's why I want to buy some off-the-peg clothes

(Ch) Got a thirty-six waist, twenty--nine inside leg
I want to buy my clothes off-the-peg

Don't want them to order don't want them next week, I want them right now and I want them real quick
And if you don't have them then I'll go elsewhere, don't want made-to-measure I want ready-to-wear

(Ch) Got a forty-four waist twenty-nine inside leg
I want to buy my clothes off-the-peg


All lyrics Copyright John Scott Cree except where indicated otherwise


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