Phatt B'stards video links

The wall of death (Fredo)

You couldn't have come at a better time (Juan)

Statesboro blues (Finn)

The battle of New Orleans (Juan)

The house of the rising sun (Fredo/Finn)

When you walk in the room (Juan/Finn)

Romeo and Juliet (Fredo)

Me and Julio down by the schoolyard (Juan)

Route 66 (Finn)

The pie song (we ate all the pies) (Fredo)

Angel of mercy (Juan)

Ole red eyes is back (Finn)

Vincent Black Lightning (Fredo)

Chicken song (Chicken rhythm) (Finn)

image of The Phatt B'stards (Phatts) - John Scott Cree (Finn), George Wilson (Juan), Geoff Higginbottom (Fredo) at Broadstairs Pavilion, 2003

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