The Packham, Bond, Wenn and Bayliss Family Trees

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This site has been created to bring together the results of my researches into my ancestors. I have been slowly (at times very slowly) gathering together the information from various sources including others I have been in contact with who have common ancestors.

There are four trees which lead to each of my grandparents who were:

William Charles Packham and Sarah Ann Phyall Wenn
William Harold Seymour Bond and Jessie Dorothy Bayliss

By choosing one of the surnames under Family Pages (left index) you can browse up and down the generations via the links. Each family has it's own page showing the parents and children in each family with notes where I have further details. To get an idea of where the family sits in the overall ancestry take a look at the family trees which are listed below in the index and then choose the appropriate one on the left.

Of course there are more than just the four surnames involved in the family tree. The following list shows which surnames (direct ancestors) occur on which family trees.  Other surnames can be found on the Search page.

Camber Ball Church Andrews
Flanders Bartlett Cooper Burton
Hems Bint Deards Flemming
Lunnis Butler Marshall Pammon
Shrimpton Court Page Payne
Smith Fry Pearman Pooley
Thomas Gillard Seagull Rowing
Tunks Hamblyn Sherrif Turner
Hodges Warren White
Luke Willan Whiteman
Marsh Wicks
Morris Wright (x2)

There are some further details about the families in general available in the More Info page (click button left). Photos from the Packham/Wenn/Rowing/Pooley side of the family have been available for a while and I have just added some from the Bond/Bayliss.

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Feb 2003 Name Index, General Info and Photo pages added, family pages and trees updated.
Mar 2003 Wicks and Burton families added
April 2003 Additional data added to many pages; Robert Fry, Isaac Court and Edward Ball/Joan Luke pages added
May 2003 Bayliss/Hems and Packham/Cooper information updated.  Parents of James Pooley (b. abt 1795) removed as data now believed unreliable.  A link to source data for the Pooley surname has been added (see left).
July 2003 Further information on the Seagull surname (More Info page)
Sept 2003 Removal of photo of Edwin Wenn, now thought to be Thomas Weller
Oct 2003 Addition of the Packham Name database to the Resources area (see left)
Nov 2003 The Packham Name database removed as it did not work on the web.  Now available as an Excel spreadsheet - email me
Jan 2004 Additions to notes on Packham and Bond families on More Info page 
May 2004 New pictures added for the Bond/Bayliss side of the family.  Also the Packham Name database added as a web page under Resources
May 2005 More Bond and Bayliss pictures added to the Photos page.
Mar 2007 Info added to the More Info and Links pages about the Hems descendents website project

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b. born abt. about (circa) HAM     Hampshire
chr. christened Q. quarter (as in quarter of year e.g. 4Q is the 4thquarter Oct-Dec) HNT     Huntingdon
m. married HRT     Hertfordshire
d. died   KEN     Kent
bur. buried MDX     Middlesex
NFK     Norfolk
SOM     Somerset
SRY     Surrey
WOR     Worcestershire
YRK     Yorkshire