Joseph Hibbert of Lancashire

Generation 1:i

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Joseph Hibbert. Dates unknown.

History unknown

Married an unknown wife, who nevertheless went on to marry Thomas Sharples, also of Oldham

Joseph and his wife had the following known child:

M i Elijah. b.13 July 1800 d. 10 March 1846

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Notes on sources

Anderson family tree

Information is largely taken from the book 'The Andersons of Peterhead'. This was based on the records made by John Anderson 1825/1903 [VIII 32], known as 'China John'. This was brought up to date in 1936 by Cecil Ford Anderson [X 17] and Agnes Donald Ferguson [CS 45 X b]. Many photographs were taken and compiled in an album by Olive Edis (daughter of Mary Murray, daughter of Andrew Murray (2) of Aberdeen).

Forrest family tree

Iain Forrest kindly supplied material to update the Forrest family (progeny of William Forrest) details and corrections to both Janet Innes Anderson's and Alexander Murray's death dates.

Hibbert family tree

The information is largely taken from a tree compiled by F.B. (she knows who she is!) with extra material found by the author.

Murray family tree

The 'Genealogical Table showing various branches of the Murray family', from which this information was taken, was prepared by Alexander Murray of Blackhouse, extended by Andrew Murray - advocate - Aberdeen circa 1880 and further extended by Arthur Murray Watt 1972. The generational notation is the author's.

Pike family tree

Information from family sources as well as 'Burke's Landed Gentry' 1875

And the rest

Thanks also to all who have written in with information, advice, help and, most importantly, corrections.

John Hibbert 2001-2010

26 January, 2010