MSWJR steam train in Station Road, Chiseldon, railway cutting,
2 July 1949.
Courtesy of Joe Henderson. (and in his memory - sadly died 2009)
Photograph taken on his wedding day, with his page-boy nephew, David Noble,  pictured.
modified 2 February 2010
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Link to plan of 1864 proposed route through Chiseldon.
Link to map showing Chiseldon after construction
Position of train in cutting equates to approx. half way up, RHS of aerial photograph of modern Chiseldon.
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Aerial view, July 1946, showing railway tracks.
Skittles fun in war-time Chiseldon - PATHE News
Chiseldon Camp, aerial view c.1943.
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Station. Beer barrels on platform.
4 min cine film 10/9/1961. Chiseldon Signal Box at 3min 46 sec
Cine film. Last train 23/9/1962 and removing tracks