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Canine Health Concern was formed in 1994 by Catherine O'Driscoll, after two of her beautiful young Golden Retrievers - Oliver and Prudence - tragically died.  She asked, 'why?', and the answers that came back were sufficiently disturbing to make her feel that independent research was necessary - free from commercial bias.  Catherine was sent scientific papers which told her that commercial pet food was nutritionally inadequate, and that many deficiency diseases are the direct result of poor feeding.  She also learnt that the annual shots we give to our pets each year, in the belief that we are protecting them from disease, are actually the largest cause of ill health in our pets today. 

Gwinnie, Daniel and Edward

CHC advocates real food for dogs.  That is, food that Mother Nature has designed, over millions of years, and which has made the species thrive for millions of years.  Members of CHC who have reverted to a CHC-recommended natural diet have seen illnesses disappear and vet bills plummet.   Our diet survey showed an 85 per cent drop in the number of veterinary visits once dogs were changed to real food. 

Canine Health Concern was responsible for the huge popularity of the book, 'Give Your Dog a Bone' written by Australian vet Ian Billinghurst. We publicised the book widely throughout the UK and North America and brought Ian on his first seminar tour outside Australia. Today, thanks to our hard work and financial investment, the raw meaty bone diet is here to stay. Our reward is the knowledge that, around the world, thousands of dogs are now thriving.

In 1997, we published the book, 'Who Killed the Darling Buds of May?'. This seminal work brought together, for the first time, the scientific evidence to prove that vaccines are the biggest killer of companion animals today. Revised and expanded in 1998 under the new title of 'What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines', the book is now an official word-of-mouth best-seller. CHC members can be proud that their hard work contributed to the largest canine vaccine survey ever to be mounted - a survey that the veterinary establishment is still trying to ignore in order to protect vaccine income.

CHC advocates the use of alternative healthcare for pets, including the homoeopathic vaccine alternative, natural flea and worm prevention, and a range of complementary therapies such as Bach Flower remedies, Chiropractic, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, nutritional therapy, acupuncture, and more. Homoeopathic veterinary medicine has become increasingly popular since CHC started to promote it back in 1994, and we have led thousands of animals to the doors of homoeopathic and other complementary vets.

In addition to producing a quarterly newsletter and lobbying the government and the media, CHC has now launched the Foundation in Canine Healthcare programme to standardise the knowledge of dog lovers around the world, and to build a quality system that delivers accreditation to course delegates.

But membership of CHC gives you more than this. Our advice should reduce your vet bills substantially and save you from unnecessary heartache. Putting it colourfully, if you feed real food and stop over-vaccinating . . . you'll be quids in! Most important of all, once you know all there is to know (and it's really very simple to keep a dog healthy), your continued membership supports the work and gives life to other dogs in the world. Our Cat Section (under certified study program) also reaches out to the feline population.

In 1998, Canine Health Concern's work became the subject of a prime-time TV documentary, 'World in Action', which has been networked around the world. Since that time, pet food manufacturers have launched what they describe as better quality processed food, and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association has mounted its own research into vaccine damage - fronted, regrettably, by the UK veterinary vaccine industry. But at least they've heard us. Isn't it sad that we have had to work so hard make them listen, and that most vets are still not listening?

Ten years into our campaign, the veterinary profession is still vaccinating animals annually - even sick and elderly animals who should not be vaccinated. There is no scientific justification for annual vaccination. Indeed, veterinary specialists have been telling their colleagues for many years that it should be stopped. This leaves you - the animal guardian - with the imperative to gain knowledge, for it is time we stopped killing our animals in the name of love.

CHC's message is sometimes distressing - but we promise you this: take our advice on board and feed real food, and stop over-vaccinating your animals, and - providing you haven't left it too late - you and your beloved pets will be glowing with happiness. You should never have to stand over the body of your dead friend and say, "If only someone had told me".

Membership of Canine Health Concern is a declaration on your part. You are saying that you are now taking your power back, and taking responsibility for the health of your animals. Congratulations! Take a look at the Membership form and let your voice be heard.


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