Belhus Woods

18 April 20010

Individual Results

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S.I. Manager's comments

Today's event was a low key one and I have re-instated two competitors who did not punch properly at one control . I did check the control station and found both had punched but may have been too quick to remove their "dibbers" before the process was complete. This re-instatement is not normally done - it is outside the BOF Event Rules - but this was a local event and there were few problems.

All competitors should ensure that the control station completes it's process by waiting for the "beep" . Normally this is a very quick process but some units may be getting low on battery power and could take a little longer to react.

Two legs on the Blue and Green courses show "voided legs" . These are the road crossings and the times taken between controls 120 and 126 or 126 and 120 have been deducted from the overall times of competitors on those courses.

Tony Biggs ( HAVOC )