Buy a MapMan licence

Don't even think of buying a licence until you have tried the product for free. Most of the basic features are free anyway so you may well find you don't need a licence.

Even if you want to use the advanced features you can "try before you buy". All the advanced features can be tried out on a 30 day free trial using the free download version.

Please read the Licence terms before purchase


Licenced features may include the ability to "capture" maps from specific web sites. Continued availability of such web sites, and the licencing terms for their use, are outside my control. It is therefore not guaranteed that such capture facilities will be carried forward to future versions. Withdrawal of any web capture feature will not entitle licence holders to any refund of licence fees paid, nor can I undertake to supply old versions of the product in the event of a feature being withdrawn.

If you choose to buy a licence it will be assumed that you have tried all features which are of interest to you and that the product conforms to your requirements. No refunds can be given if the product fails to meet your requirements.

If you need an extension to the 30 day trial period to make up your mind, or to try a new feature, please email me. I shall consider each licence extension request on its merits.

Note that you do not get a new version of the product when you buy a licence. What you get is a key which permanently unlocks all the advanced features in the version you already have.

Buy a licence

A life-time licence costs just 30 Sterling, or equivalent in local currency. UK users can pay via NoChex. Alternatively select one of the payment options only.

Please only select one payment option or you could end up paying twice!

Please note that I am not a merchant and I do sometimes go on holiday. If you intend to purchase a licence you may prefer to email me first to make sure I am around to deal with your purchase. Otherwise, please allow at least 10 days for delivery (perhaps 20 days if it's during the summer holiday season).

Payment option 1: PayPal

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Payment option 2: Moneybookers

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To pay by credit card from anywhere in the world using MoneyBookers, fill in your email address below and click on the Buy Licence button. You will be asked to open a MoneyBookers account if you don't already have one.

Your licence key will be delivered by email. Please type your email address here very carefully. If you don't get it right I can't send you your licence!

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 (Cost is 30 UK Pounds)
Please note that payment will be handled by who are registered with the (UK) Financial Services Authority (FSA). Payment is handled via a secure server and they only send me the money - not your credit card number!