MapMan Licence Terms.

You can download MapMan and use the basic features for as long as you like without paying a penny. How's that for value for money?

The basic features will always include the ability to upload and download waypoints, and routes; to download tracks; to create your own single level digital maps and (using the free cGPSMapper and SendMap applications) upload digital maps to your GPS.

Advanced features may be tried free of charge for 30 days. The 30 day free trial period starts the first time you attempt to use any advanced feature. Thereafter, a single one-off licence payment will unlock all advanced features permanently. There's nothing more to pay, ever.

If you've used up your free trial period and a new feature comes along which you'd like to try, email me. You will normally find me willing to grant a new 30 day free trial period.

A licence covers you for all advanced features in the current version and all future versions - yes even the advanced features which are so advanced that I've not thought of them yet!

See the Buy Licence page for current licence prices.

Licence terms