MapMan Versions

MapMan version numbers consist of four numbers separated by full stops (that's periods for the benefit of the American audience). For example: The first number will only change very rarely. A change to the first number represents a major project overhaul or rewrite. A change to the second number indicates a major new feature. A change to the third number indicates a minor new feature, major bug fix, or "clean-up" release containing several minor bug fixes. A change to the last number indicates one or more minor bug fixes or an administrative update.

I don't always publish every version so gaps in the sequence of version numbers are to be expected.

On this web site I normally only quote the first three numbers, eg: 2.10.5 because the final number isn't usually significant. If I publish a new version in which any of the first three numbers change, then existing users are advised to upgrade at their earliest opportunity. This won't affect your licence status if you have bought a licence.

If only the last number changes then there's no real need to upgrade unless you are experiencing a specific problem which you know is addressed by the new version.

What's new in MapMan versions?

VersionNew features / bugs fixed
  • Ability to edit route itinerary by point names.
  • Improved copy and paste - giving option of exporting Polish format or gpx.
  • Ability to display any selection of zoom levels.
  • Minor bug fixes to enhanced print feature. Ability to print page index numbers.
  • Improved printing facilities. Ability to print parts of maps and to have overlaps between pages. See Help for information.
  • Bug fix: OK button disabled when loading shape files.
  • Bug fix: Spurious error message when exporting to named, rather than numbered, .img file.
  • Bug fix: Map not auto-calibrated when importing tracks only from GPX file..
  • Bug fix: Track names not picked up when loading from GPX file.
  • Ability to upload multiple maps from different folders and to maintain lists of maps frequently uploaded together.
  • Some minor bug fixes particularly in the area of snapping when zoomed. Also roundabouts now rounder!
  • First beta version of graphical Custom Types editor. For details and information, use the Contact Us link in the left menu.
  • Bug fix: Error in colour recognition code prevented the erase grid lines feature from working.
  • New feature: Ability to create map sets for importing into Garmin's MapSource application.
  • Enhancement: Improved handling of apostrophes when "Standard Case" is selected. Specifically this allows you (with suitable dictionary entries) to have names like "Gare d'Austerlitz" correctly auto-capitalised. Please check the help texts for impact on personal dictionaries.
  • Bug fix: Circular line creation code previously created elipses stretched in the NS direction if the map was calibrated in degrees of latitude and longitude.
  • Improved track handling.
  • Bug fix and tidy up of Automapit feature.
  • Grid removal and background painting tools.
  • First version with Automapit, automatic feature recognition.
  • Undo and Redo facility added.
  • Distance Measuring tool.
  • User defined map object types (classes).
  • Point and Scale map calibration.
  • Added USB support for new Garmin devices.
  • Improvements to user interface including faster, and automatic, island recognition.