What is MapMan?

MapMan is a free map generating tool designed primarily for owners of Garmintm GPS devices with mapping capability. However owners of other brand devices, devices without mapping, or even those who donít own a GPS at all, may be able to make use of some of the features.

MapMan allows you to scan in paper (or other) maps, or use maps downloaded from the Internet, and sketch over them to set up Waypoints and Routes to upload to your GPS (please make sure you are not breaching anyone's copyright if you use scanned or downloaded maps). You can also download Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from your GPS and display them on screen

MapMan really comes into its own if you also have copies of the software products cGPSMapper and SendMap. These tools are not included with MapMan but can currently be downloaded, free of charge, from: http://gps.chrisb.org/gps_mapper.htm (Note: on this web site SendMap is also referred to as the "up-loader").

Equipped with these additional products you can use MapMan to create home-made digital maps which can then be uploaded to a GPS device which supports mapping (you might also be pleased to hear, if you are one of those who has battled with the user interface for cGPSMapper and SendMap, that MapMan calls these applications for you so never again do you need to worry about getting the parameters right).

MapMan can even do some of that time consuming map sketching for you. See the Automapit feature for more details.

To get a feel for the map making process, why not take the MapMan Tutorial.

MapMan has been specifically designed for speed of user interface. If you are sketching out a map of an area with dozens of roads or footpaths, this can be particularly important. If MapMan isn't the quickest product you've ever tried for sketching out maps then I want to know about it! To email me, click here. Now with Automapit, MapMan is quicker than ever.