What is PhotoMan?

PhotoMan is a simple application for organising your digital photos. It gives easy access to the additional data included in a digital photo (when it was taken, exposure details etc. and has the ability to display slide shows of photos in correct chronological order (by date taken) irrespective of file date.

PhotoMan allows you to crop your photos, and has simple to use facilities to set the aspect ratio for cropping to match the traditional photo printing aspect ratio of 6x4.

PhotoMan allows you to generate web pages containing your photos.

PhotoMan also offers simple printing and image modification features but this is not the purpose of the product. Image modification and printing features in commercial packages are likely to be more sophisticated than those offered by PhotoMan.

How do I get PhotoMan?

This application is Copyright Keith Sheppard, 2002-2004. However, it is distributed as freeware. This means you can download the application, and use all but the most advanced features, free of charge.

Certain features are designated as "advanced" features. These features are available in the freeware version on a free thirty day trial but a licence must be purchased to continue using the advanced features after expiry of the thirty day trial period.

To install PhotoMan on your computer now, or to purchase a licence for advanced features,  click here.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.

Keith Sheppard
Wokingham, UK.
June 2004.