War threats prompts protective Laws. Philadelphia July 11, 1798.
In response to growing hysteria regarding the so-called “XYZ” affair, in which the French attempted diplomatic intimidation of America, and the undeclared naval war between the United States and France, Congress today passed the Sedition Act.  The last of four pieces of legislation  aimed at curbing dissent against the administration and preventing internal subversion, the acts subjected any American citizen to a fine and/or/imprisonment for obstructing the implementation of federal law.
Congress already approved three measures that have similar intent, The Naturalisation Act, passed June 18, The Alien Friends Act, passed June 25 and The Alien Enemies Act passed July 6, 1798.
First products from Japan arrive in the U.S.
Boston, May 1799.
Captain James Devereaux landed in Boston harbour this month not only with coffee and spices from the Dutch East Indies but also the first products imported from Japan. Last year, after sailing his chartered ship, the Franklin, to the East Indies to pick up a cargo of Java Coffee, Devereaux accepted a  lucrative offer to continue on a trade run to Nagasaki harbour  and picked up Japanese mats, lacquered objects and pans.
Who will be the next US President?.
Philadelphia Dec. 3 1800
Preliminary reports indicate that Thomas Jefferson will be the next President. Although ballots will not be officially counted until February, it seems that Jefferson and his republicans have won the public’s trust. In his campaign he expressed his commitment to democracy.
Jefferson, Burr tie: Jefferson chosen. Washington DC, March 4, 1801.
In a history making decision, the House of Representatives has chosen Thomas Jefferson to be the next President, while naming Aaron Burr Vice President.  The house was called upon to elect the nation’s two highest officials when the two republican candidates, Jefferson and Burr, received the same number of votes in the Electoral College. According to the Constitution, presidential electors do not specify their preference for their choice of candidates for either President or Vice President
In the New President’s inaugural address today, he praised democratic ideas and promised “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations - entangling alliances with none.
Slave uprisings plague South; slavery curbed in Northern states.  United States 1802.
All states North of the Mason-Dixon Line have now passed anti-slave laws or laws calling for the gradual emancipation, except for New Jersey.  This creates an official and well delineated division of the nation into Northern free states and Southern slave states.
While northerner seem to have come to terms with their Negroes, the South still seems to be boiling with slave uprisings and conspiracies.  In North Carolina, at least six counties have reported slave conspiracies recently, including a plot in May led by the outlaw, Tom Cooper that resulted in as many as 15 slaves being executed.
Virginia has also been the scene of many insurrections.  Alleged conspiracies in Richmond, Williamsburg, Norfolk, Princes Anne, Hanover County, Halifax and elsewhere have resulted in the banishing, flogging or hanging of a large number of slaves.
Some white men., as well as Negroes, were reported to be involved in the revolutionary plot in Halifax.
Hamilton killed in duel. New Jersey July 12, 1804
Former Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton has died a most painful death of wounds suffered yesterday in a duel with a political opponent, Aaron Burr. Burr who survived the duel unscathed, has not yet extended sympathy to Hamilton’s grieving family and seems to have secluded himself.  Hamilton’s fellow statesmen, however, have expressed dismay over his untimely death.  Acquaintances fin it inconceivable that Hamilton would willingly indulge in duelling, a practice he publicly deplored after an “affaire d’honneur” claimed the life of his son Philip three years ago.
Russians to get rights to trade in America.  San Francisco April 5, 1806.
In the past, Spanish authorities here have been wary of selling food and supplies to Russian-American colonists who come down from Alaska in search of such provisions.  Now in an abrupt turnaround, the Spanish government has agreed to sell supplies to these colonists. The Russian’s representative, Nicolai. Rezanov, has been in San Francisco for months trying to negotiate a sale.
Cherry Tree grafted onto Washington lore. Philadelphia 1806.
George Washington’s honesty had a precocious start, according to the fifth edition of “The Life and Memorable Actions of George Washington”.  Author, Mason Locke Weems, quondam minister and book pedlar, conveniently finds new lore for each edition. Parson Weems now writes that when Washington was 6 years old, he cut down an English cherry tree with a hatchet he received as a gift. Questioned by his father, George confessed with the words, “I can’t tell a lie, Pa; you know I can’t tell a lie”.
US eating habits decried by visitors. New York 1807
Although the average American eats bountifully, some French visitors find his sense of taste and eating habits wanting. Constantin Francois de Chasseboeuf, Count of Volney, has decried the amount of lard, butter, salt, pork greasy pudding, coffee and tea Americans consume.  And Francois Jean Marquis de Chastellux, in his “Travels in North America” says the days pass in “heaping indigestion upon one another”.
Madison Elected; Clinton is Vice-President. Washington DC Dec. 7 1808
James Madison. President Thomas Jefferson’s Secretary of State and his hand-picked successor, has won election as President in a bitter though lopsided contest. It is believed that electors have voted have cast more than 120 votes for the Republican Madison and less than 50 votes for his chief opponent, the Federalist Charles Cotesworth Pinkney of South Carolina.  Couriers are now on route to Washington with the exact totals. The vie presidency has been won with similar strength by the incumbent New Yorker, George Clinton, who has trailed badly in his simultaneous run for the Presidency.
Kamehameha of Honolulu unifies islands. 1810
King Kamehameha the Great has ended years of frustration by finally winning obeisance from the last island monarch, King Kaumualii without bloodshed.
In swearing allegiance to the 6 foot 6 inch Kamehameha, Kaumaualii joined the otheer island kings conquered by the man that Lieutenant James King of Captain Cook’s expedition described as having “ as savage a looking face as I ever saw”.  But Kamehameha was not fierce in his meeting with Kaumaulalii allowing the Kauai regent  to retain control over his kingdom  for the   
John Adams becomes  new President. Philadelphia  Dec. 7, 1796
After a bitter campaign, John Adams has defeated Thomas Jefferson for the presidency. The Vice-President won 71 electoral votes, while Jefferson got 68. As the constitution provides, Jefferson will become the next Vice President.  The Federalist Party, torn between Adams and Hamilton factions, was accused of being too sympathetic to England.  In turn, the Jeffersonian Republicans were charged with being overly Francophile. Now political observers were wondering whether these two political enemies can effectively work together in the same administration.  Throughout the campaign, President Washington has maintained his political neutrality saying only that the wisdom and strength of Republican government would be confirmed at the ballot box.
1795 - 1811
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