1951 - 1957
Back on offensive’, U.S. Retakes Seoul March 15, 1951
American military authorities announced today that Seoul has been recaptured from Chinese and North Korean troops. The battle for Seoul began last week when General Matthew Ridgway, Eighth Army commander, launched Operation Ripper. His forces include nine divisions : six American and three South Korean. The offensive opened with a massive American artillery barrage and an infantry assault by the 25th Division against enemy positions on the Han River, 20 miles east of Seoul. After three days of bitter fighting the Chinese began to withdraw. American military commanders report that their advance to Seoul was severely hampered by torrential spring rains and mudslides.
Rosenbergs are sentenced to death for selling atomic secrets. New York, Apr. 5, 1951.
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, convicted of espionage last week, were sentenced today to die in the electric chair for revealing secrets of atomic weapons to the Soviet government. The law under which they were sentenced allows for the death penalty only during wartime, and though the Soviet Union was America’s ally at that time, the Rosenbergs crime occured around June of 1944. Explaining  his sentence today, Judge Irving Kaufmam said “The nature of Russian terrorism is now self-evident”.
Truce is forged in Korea Panmunjom, Nov.27, 1951
After five months of haggling, United Nations and North Korean negotiators have finally taken the first concrete step that will, they hope, lead to the end of the war. After today’s meeting both sides announced that they will observe a truce along the entire battle line that stretches across the width of the  Korean peninsula. If the negotiations fail to settle the other two major remaining items on their armistice agendas  - armistice enforcement and prisoner exchange - it will expire in one month.
Millions love Lucy, Roy and colour TV. 1951
I Love Lucy, half  an hour of fun with the Queen of Comedy, alias Lucille Ball, and her real-life husband Desi Arnaz, is an instant success. Other television premiers include The Roy Rogers Show, The Jack LaLane Show for fitness fans and the soap opera Search for Tomorrow. At this year’s Emmy awards Imogene Coca and Sid Caesar took the best acting awards and their programme Your Show of Shows  won the best variety show award. On May 2, the first live coast-to-coast hook-up was achieved, and the Radio Corporation of America is now broadcasting colour programs from the Empire State Building. RCA has announced that it plans to give CBS the tri-color television tube for research to iron out current colour problems.
Mad about comics New York, 1952
An entire generation of American children has gone Mad. Mad Comics No.1 went on sale early this month and is a runaway hit. Published by E.C. Comics and edited by Harvey Kurtzman, mad is the first humour comic book to parody every aspect of American culture, including comics, movies, television, magazines and advertising. It follows on the heels of other successful E.C. Titles such as Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror etc..
U.S. : A first year without a lynching. Alabama Dec 30 1952
According to a report from the Tukeegee Institute, this has been the first year, since officials began keeping records 71 years ago, that no lynching have been reported. Interestingly, the racial motivated violence seems to have declined without the benefit of Congress passing any anti-lynching legislation brought before it during this period. The absence of lynching seems to parallel a recent decline in the membership of the KKK.
Republicans like Ike ....while Democrats go mad for Adlai. Chicago July 1952.
Its Eisenhower and Nixon. The general won the Republican nomination for President on the first ballot today, and the Senator got the vice presidential nomination by acclamation.
In a boisterous session the Democratic Party has nominated Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson to run for President. They then selected Alabama  Senator John J. Sparkman as his running mate.
Ike wins: A general in the White House. New York City Nov. 5, 1952.
General Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected 34th President of the United States today in a landslide victory that carried both houses of Congress. Almost complete vote returns show nearly 34 million for Eisenhower, who campaigned against “Korea, Communism and Corruption,” to 27.3 million for Stevenson, who said he tried to “talk sense to the American People.” Taking the stump more actively than any other retiring chief executive, President Truman turned out to be a big issue himself. Republicans say the Eisenhower victory is a repudiation of the Truman Fair deal. On communism, the role of the new Vice-President , Richard M. Nixon, in the investigation of Alder Hiss was a major factor.
Rosenbergs executed in electric chair. N. York June 19,1953
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg died in the electric chair tonight, convicted of selling atomic secrets to  the Soviet government. They are the first civilians to be put to death under the General Espionage Act of 1917. The day was characterised by futile appeals to Judge Irving Kaufman, who sentenced them on April 5, 1951, judges of the Federal Circuit court, the United States Supreme Court, and President Eisenhower, who refused executive clemency a second time.
Monroe and Hefner and a moon of blue. Hollywood, 1953.
Sexy is in! Marilyn Monroe is in three movies - Niagara, Gentlemen prefer Blonds (with Jane Russell), and How to Marry a Millionaire - as well as on the cover and as a nude centrefold in the first issue of Playboy, a new magazine published by Chicago-born Hugh Hefner. Otto Preminger has released The Moon is Blue without the blessing of the Production Code
War in Korea finally draws to a close. July 27, 1953.
Three years, one month and two days after it began, the Korean War has finally ended. Meeting this morning at 10 o’clock, senior Communist and United Nations delegates assembled, with few friendly gestures or kind words, for the ceremony. As dozens of journalists, photographers and military officials looked on, the senior representative of each side - General William K. Harrison for the United States and General Nam Il for North  Korea - signed nine copies of the armistice agreement. Actually there was little to do when the representatives came together today, except to approve the armistice agreement formally.
“Little Mo” wins tennis Grand Slam New York, Sept. 7, 1953
“Little Mo” has done it! Maureen Conolly, who at the age of 16 won the United States singles title, proved her claim as the best woman tennis player in the world by scoring a Grand Slam. With her victory at Forest Hills today, she completed a sweep of all four major championships in a year, the first woman ever to do so. In addition to the United States title, she won Wimbledon plus the French and Australian open titles.
Eisenhowr explains: “You have a row of dominoes set up...” Washington Apr. 7, 1954
Comparing the situation among Asian nations to a row of dominoes, President Eisenhower today expressed his concern that the conquest of Indochina by Communist forces could result in a disaster for the free world. He pointed out that the entire island defence chain - meaning Japan, Formosa (Tiwan and the Philippines - might be flanked, which would threaten both Australia and New Zealand. In its efforts to combat the threat of communism in Indochina,  the United States is also mobilizing a multinational coalition.
Mildred Didrikson 1954
From a double Olympic track champ in 1932, Mildred “Babe” Didrikson has gone on to become winner of the U.S. Womens Open golf championship for the third time. The slim Texan became a pro after winning the women’s national championship in 1946 and becoming the first American to take the British title in 1947. She also won the Open from 1948 through 1950
Giant new Carrier. Newport Va. Dec. 11, 1954
American naval power received a major boost here today with the launching of the aircraft carrier Forestall, first of a new class. With a length of more than a 1000 ft. And a top speed of over 30 knots is the worlds’s largest fastest carrier.
Supreme Court strikes down “seperate but equal” Washington May 17, 1954.
The case of Brown v. The Board of Education has culminated in a unanimous decision that overturns previous decisions permitting the segregation of public schools by race. The long-standing ‘separate-but-equal’ policy was declared unconstitutional because separate educational facilities are inherently unequal, as the opinion written by Chief Justice Earl Warren stated.
The case began in 1950 when the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured people decide to initiate a large-scale effort aimed at abolishing educational segregation The N.A.A.C.P. Put $100,000 into researching a campaign.
“Papa” Hemingway reels in Nobel Prize Oslo Dec. 10 1954
His beard has grown grizzly and the lean body has got a mite soft in the middle, but Ernest Hemingway, 55, still reigns as the he-man of American letters. Today the outdoor athlete with the sinewy prose landed the biggest literary fish of them all - the Nobel Prize for literature.
U.S. Sends military advisers to Vietnam. Washington Feb. 23 1955.
Because of the increased success of pro-communist forces operating in South Vietnam, the United States will send a small force of military advisers to the Southeast Asian nation. The State .
Television offers fantasy,, facts and fun. United States 1955
We have come a  long way. In December 1945, 80% of respondents in a Gallup Poll had never seen a television set in operation. In 1946, there were 10,000 sets and six stations each programming 10 hours per week. By june 8, 1948, when NBC began Texaco Star Theatre with Milton Berle’s pie-in-the-face comedy, movie theatres and restaurants took a beating, proving the power of the new medium. For children there is Captain Kangaroo weekday mornings. New shows include Davy Crockett, with the Alamo hero played by 6ft 5in Texan Fess Parker, and the thrilling anthology Alfred Hitchcock presents
Back of the bus no more. Montgomery, Alabama Dec 5, 1955
When the Cleveland Avenue bus pulled up at a stop on December 1, 43 year-old Rosa Parks entered and took a seat at the front. That is not a particularly remarkable event, except that Rosa Parks is a Negro and, as such has always been relegated to the rear seats. When she refused to give up her seat to a white man, the bus stopped and she was arrested. That evening other Negro women from Montgomery gathered to call for a boycott of the city busses. The pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist church, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Was chosen to head the publicity campaign and inform Montgomery’s 50,000 Negroes of the boycott. He was then elected president of the Montgomery Improvement Association’s boycott committee. Normally 75% of the bus passengers are Negro and today’s boycott was effective.
Dean lived too fast and died too young. Hollywood Sept. 30, 1955
Driving his Porche to Salinas to compete in a race, actor James Dean was killed in a road crash today. Dean had a brief but spectacular  screen career. In just a little over a year, his popularity has soared. He has to date starred in East of Eden, Rebel without a Cause and Giant which he has just finished with Elizabeth Taylor.
Elvis rocks America New York 1956.
Elvis Presley is a phenomenon. Most critics speak of him “unspeakable untalented and vulgar,” a clergyman branded him “a whirling Dervish of sex” and business boomed  for a Cincinnati car dealer who promised to smash 50 Presley records for each customer.  Two years ago Presley was a Memphis truck driver making $35 a week and aching to sing
Delinquency linked to absent parents. St. Louis, Missouri June 6, 1956.
Ellsworth Bunker, president of the American Red Cross, told its annual national convention today that “absentee parents” are the major cause of juvenile delinquency. While some might argue with that diagnosis, no one would dispute the prevalence of this social ill.
It is  estimated that half the thieves arrested inn New York are under 21, while in Los Angeles 20% of all crimes are committed by teenagers. The majority of auto thefts in large cities are attributed to youths. Everything from endocrine glands to comic books are said to be partly at fault; “broken homes” are frequently in the background of these offenders, but are not necessarily the prime factor.
Russians trounce Americans at Olympics Melbourne Dec. 8, 1956
The United States took a drubbing from the Russians in the total Olympic standing but once again proved superior  on the track. The Soviet Union headed the standing , 722 to 593, using its own measure, or 622 to 497, using the European method It also collected more medals than Americans, 99 to 74, and more gold 37 to 32. Bob Morrow 21 year-old sprinter from Abeline, Texas  proved to be the American star winning both sprints with no trouble. Lee Calhoun and Glenn Davis accounted for hurdle victories, Charlie Jenkins took the 400 metres and Tom Courtney the 800.
Ike wins second term with landslide vote. Nov. 6, 1956
Dwight D. Eisenhower was re-elected President today, scoring a landslide victory over Adlai Stevenson. The most impressive triumph since Franklin D. Roosevelt buried Alfred Landon, it makes Ike the first Republican in this century to win successive presidential elections . At 66, the World War II hero again carries the 43 year-old Vice President Richard Nixon into office with him.
King heads Southern Christian Leadership. Atlanta February 1957.
With a popular base developed during last year’s Montgomery. Alabama bus boycott, Negro leaders from ten states have organised the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Along with Bayard Rustin and Stanley Levinson have established the interracial society to coordinate the activities of non-violent protest groups throughout  the country. The goals of the  Conference include full citizenship and “total integration”
Troops help integrate in Little Rock Arkansas Dept. 25, 1957
Disputed and widely publicised for nearly a month, the integration of the Little rock Central High School has finally taken place, with the help of 1,000 paratroopers and 10,000 Arkansas National Guardsmen ordered into federal service by President Eisenhower.
The election of Orval Faubus as governor of Arkansas recently was hailed as a victory for liberals in Arkansas. The issue of race was never spokenof during the campaign. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when Faubus posted National Guardsmen outside Central High as a court-approved integration plan was to be implemented. As a first step toward total desegregation, nine Negro children were to attend the school. On September 5, the children were turned away when they attempted to attend their first classes at the school. Commenting on the opposition of Governor Faubus to integration, the President said, “The federal Constitution will be upheld by me by every legal means at my command.
Sputnik prompts a frenzied failure.Florida Dec. 6, 1957.
Its national prestige shaken by Soviet launchings of Sputnik 1 and 2, the United States is racing to gain an equal footing on the high ground of space. Today, however, the American answer to Sputnik,  Navy Vanguard rocket bearing a grapefruit sized satellite lifted two feet off the launching pad before collapsing in a raging inferno. The spectacular failure was blamed by some experts on the tremendous political pressure to rush the program along.
“West Side Story” New York, Sept. 26, 1957.
This show has exploded on the American stage like a bomb thrown at decades of conventional, musical romance. True, it retells the Romeo and Juliet tale, but the warring gangs - the white Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks - are right from the switchblade streets of contemporary New York. The language thumbs its nose at the traditional gentility of the genre, and the hammering beat of Leonard Bernstien’s music breaks like a new overpowering wave. All in al, it is a revolutionary work.
Department said today ann American Military Advisory Group I being formed and will be based in Saigon. The group will only give advice to officers and senior enlisted men in the South Vietnamese armed forces. According to State Department officials, the Americans will not be sent into active combat either as a unit or with the Vietnamese troops. President Eisenhower sent a group of 200 technicians to South Vietnam last year to assist the French before the battle of Dienbienphu, but they were withdrawn soon  after, and France was defeated
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