1965 - 1970
U.S. Goes on offensive in Vietnam Dec. 1965
When the history of the Vietnam War is written, 1965 will be remembered as the year the U.S. went from advisory to a combat role and from a defensive strategy to a full-blown offensive one. After American bases at Pleiku and Quinhon were attacked in February with significant casualties, Prrsident Johnson dramatically escalated the role of the air force
By last August the United States had begun regularly engaging the enemy in battalion size offensives.
Liston is flattened in two minutes by a taunting Cassius Clay. Maine, May 25, 1965
Cassius Clay knocked out Sonny Liston tonight for the second time as fans cried Fake!, Fake! Fake! They would have been even more upset if they had heard a taunting Clay say before the battle that he would win it in one minute 49 seconds of the first. One observer with a stopwatch reported Liston hit the canvas at 1:48 and, except for a timing mix-up would have been counted out at 1min.58secs.
Malcolm X silenced by assassin’s bullets New York, Feb 21, 1965
Black leader Malcolm X is dead today at the age of 39, shot by assassins as he was beginning to address an audience of 400. His death was apparently not caused by the white members of society he so often spoke against, but as the result of quarrelling within the Black Muslim movement. Born Malcolm Little, he served 10 years in prison, beginning in 1946, while there he became a convert to the Black Muslim movement.
Trman hosts to LBJ for Medicare signing Missouri, July 30, 1965
It was a touching moment at the Harry S Truman Library here today when the Medicare Social Security Bill was signed into law by President Johnson. The 81 year-old former President Truman was the first chief executive to recommend that a federal programme be established to provide health insurance for the elderly under the auspices of the Social Security operations. Truman was touched by the tribute that was bestowed upon him by President Johnson. Said LBJ, who was a congressman from Texas when the former Missouri senator was President ,“The people of the United States loved and voted for Harry Truman, not because he gave them hell - but because he gave them hope.”
Wave of anti-war protest sweeps country. Washington May 15, 1966
Thousands of people marched and chanted in the nation’s capital today to protest the deepening American involvement in Vietnam. They surrounded the White House and vowed to throw congressional supporters of the war out of office. Today’s demonstration was the latest in a series of anti-Vietnam protests. At the University of Chicago, hundreds of students seized the administration building for three days. In New York, students shouted at the president of City College and sat on the floor outside his office.
2 brutal killing sprees horrify nation. Aug. 1 1966
Two killing sprees have again stamped the country as a land of senseless violence. On July 19, Richard Speck, 26, was arrested in Chicago for the gruesome slaying of eight nurses. He forced his way into their dormitory with a knife and a gun, bound their hands with bed sheets, then strangled five and stabbed three. A ninth escaped by hiding under a bed. Today in Austin, Texas, Charles Whitman mounted the 27 storey University of Texas tower and opened fire on the people below, killing 16 and wounding 30. The 90 minute slaughter ended when he was killed by an off-duty policeman. He had killed his wife and mother the night before.
Gemini: docking and walking in space. Houston, December 1966.
Project Gemini has paved the way for the landing of an American  on the moon within this decade. With 10 two-man missions, the $1.35 billion programme has pioneered long duration flights, manoeuvring, rendezvous, docking techniques and ‘walks’ in space. These will be essential in the coming Appolo lunar missions.
In the first mission in March 23 last year, Gemini 3, the new capsule and a Titan 2 rocket were tested. In June astronaut  Edward White was the first American to ‘walk’ in space, spending 20 minutes swooping about with a gas-powered jet gun. Gemini stayed up for the eight days required for a moon flight.
“In Cold Blood” United States 1966
What do you get when you fuse story-telling skills with dogged research? “A non-fiction novel.” This is what Truman Capote calls his In Cold Blood: A true account of a Multiple Murder and its consequences. A first printing of 100,000 sold out nearly overnight. The book is a blow by blow account of the brutal 1959 killing of a wealthy Kansas farm family, the Clutters. Capote reviews the lives of the victims, probes the minds of the cold blooded murderers, Dick Hickok and Perry Smith, and follows them to Death Row and their execution.
3 astronauts burn to death on launching pad in Appolo tragedy. Cape Canaveral Jan. 27, 1967
Astronauts Virgil Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee died tonight when a flash fire swept through their Apollo capsule during a simulated countdown. The three astronauts, rehearsing for the first Apollo space flight, were consumed in a blaze made more intense by the 100% oxygen atmosphere of their spacecraft. They are the first astronauts to die in a spacecraft, after 16 successful Mercury and Gemini orbital space flights.
The countdown was only 10 minutes from the simulated liftoff that would have completed the test when the fire broke out. The launching crew was watching on closed circuit television when there was a sudden flash on the monitor, then a torrent of smoke and fire.
Miniskirts a go-go U.S.A.
Its a mod, mod, mod world. Minis are bearing thighs for all the world to see, pushing Mom’s morality further into the dark ages. Flower children are packing up and taking off to blow their minds on LSD in the hippie havens of California
Ali stripped of title for resisting draft. Houston, Apr. 30, 1967
Muhammed Ali, who boxed his way to the top of the fistic heap as Cassius Clay, has been stripped of his world heavyweight champions title for resisting the military draft. When Ali balked at taking the step that would have put him in the service, the boxing association voted to take his title away. There is also the strong possibility of criminal prosecution. Ali, who claimed exemption as a Black Muslim minister, said “I cannot be true to my belief in my religion” by joining the military
Flower children flock to San Francisco for “Summer of Love” 1967
“We want the world and we want it now,” thunders Doors lead singer Jim Morrison this year. But many kids figured as long as society is ravaged by war, injustice and materialism, they would do just as well to heed drug guru Timothy Lear’s advice and simply drop-out. And what better place to do that than San Francisco, where as Scott McKenzie warbled in one hit song, everyone was sure to be wearing flowers. The San Francisco “Summer of Love” began more or less, in June at the Monterey Pop Festival. With the Beatles masterpiece Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as a beacon.
March on Pentagon Arlington Oct. 22, 1967
Bonfires burned into the early hours today as demonstrators continued to jeer the helmeted military police protecting the Pentagon. The protest against the Vietnam War began yesterday afternoon as tens of thousands spilled across the Memorial Bridge from the Lincoln Memorial to the Pentagon. “Dump Johnson” banners outnumbered Vietcong flags.
Reds launch massive Tet offensive. Washington Jan 31, 1968
North Vietnamese and Vietcong forces have launched a massive offensive throughout South Vietnam, Washington confirmed today. The campaign began yesterday with a series of co-ordinated attacks aimed at American and South Vietnamese troops in the northern and central provinces. In the past 24 hours, an estimated 84,000 Communist combat troops - and an equal number of support forces- have struck at virtually all the provincial capitals and major cities in South Vietnam, including Saigon and Hue.
With news that some 5000 marines are besieged by at least 20,000 North Vietnamese soldiers at Khesanh and with the yearly cost  of the war approaching $25 billion, opposition to America’s continuing commitment to the Saigon government is certain to increase. The Tet Offensive, if it is successful, may convince many American “doves” that the “light at the end of the tunnel” is dimmer than ever.
Martin Luther King murdered; riots besiege nation. Memphis, Tennessee April 1968.
An assassin’s bullet has put an end to the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but apparently not to his influence. On April 4, the 39 year-old Baptist preacher and civil rights activist was leaning over a second-floor motel balcony, talking to fellow activist Jesse Jackson, when he was felled by a shot from a high powered rifle. The Assassin, who escaped, is thought to be a white man who was staying at a cheap boarding house less than 100 yards from the motel.
Robert Kennedy is killed in California. Los Angeles June 6, 1968
Life slipped away from Senator Robert Kennedy early this morning 25 hour after he was shot by a gunman in a kitchen corridor of the Ambassador Hotel. The death of the vibrant senator is hard to explain to a land overrun by violence and a family numbed by tragedy. “All I can say is, good Lord, what is this ll about?” lamented Richard Cardinal Cushing, a friend of the Kennedy’s. Kennedy had refused police protection in Los Angeles and his own bodyguard was unarmed.
Chicago: the whole world is watching, Chicago Aug. 29, 1968
A splintered Democratic Party nominated Hubert Humphrey as its presidential candidate on the first ballot tonight. Humphrey defeated Senator Eugene  McCarthy by more than 1,100 votes, but the party he will lead against Richard M. Nixon is far from united. The convention was haunted by the ghost of the slain Robert Kennedy; a move to draft his younger brother, Ted, nearly split the party, and the platform committee refused to embrace opponents of the Vietnam War. Faced with anarchy in the party, Humphrey turned to Edmund Muskie of Maine, a quiet friend in the Senate, as his running mate.
Nixon begins “Vietnamization” plan.  Washington
July 8, 1969
In accord with President Nixon’s plans for a gradual disengagement from the Vietnam War and for turning over the burden of the fighting to the South Vietnamese military forces, the first American combat unit left Saigon today. A battalion of soldiers from the Ninth Infantry Division was flown out of Tan Son Nhut Airport for its permanent headquarters at Fort Lewis, Washington. The gradual withdrawal of American combat troops has been planned since June 8, when the President announced that 25,000 American troops would be sent home by the end of next month.
Neil Armstrong on moon: “The eagle has landed.
Houston, July 24, 1969.
”Houston Tranquility base here. The eagle has landed. As these words crackled 238,000 miles through the blackness of space four days ago, humanity was awed by the news that two American astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and Col. Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. Had landed on the moon. Soon after Armstrong, 38, emerged from the spidery lunar lander. As a television camera transmitted the other-worldly images to an audience of perhaps 600 million, the astronaut slipped onto the bleak, powdery lunar surface at 10.56 pm. “Thats’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Lunar landing.
The mission, the culmination a decade-long effort and an age-old dream, began on July 16, when Apollo XI blaste doff from Pad 39-A at Cape Kennedy, Florida. With Lieutenant- Colonel Michael Collins, 38, the astronauts thundered into orbit atop a 363- foot-high Saturn V rocket, then fired for a trajectory to the moon. Four days later, Armstrong and Aldrin, 39, crawled from a narrow hatchway into the frail four-legged Lunar Module (LEM) and separated from Collins, who continued circling the moon in the Apollo capsule. “Eagle has wings,” exclaimed Armstrong as he piloted the LEM into a descent of 200 feet per second. But 30 feet from the landing spot in the airless, waterless Sea of Tranquility, the astronauts were startled by a treacherous, boulder strewn moonscape. Calmly Armtrong detached the computer control and as fuel ran low, guided the craft to a smooth plain, touching down at 4.17p.m.
Woodstock: a coming together of rock, drugs, sex and peace. New York, August 17, 1969.
It is disbanded now, the Woodstock Nation of 400,000, a peaceful kingdom that for this one brief weekend was united by good vibrations. When farmer Max Yasgur turned over his 600 acre farm to the agents of the Who, Jefferson Airpane and other groups, he had no idea of eventual impact of the Aquarian Exposition. There were traffic jams, long exposures of nudity, acid trips, casual sex and peace signs.
Massacre at My Lai. Washington Nov. 16, 1969.
Hundreds of Vietnamese civilians were massacred by American troops 18 months ago, Defence Department officials have disclosed, and senior officers of the Americal Division have allegedly been covering up the atrocity. On March 16 of last year, Task Force Barker, a battalion-sized unit of the Americal, launched a search-and-destroy operation against suspected Vietcong sympathisers in the hamlet of My Lai part of the Song My village in Quangtri Province. The commander of Charlie Company apparently believed every Vietnamese in My Lai was either Vietcong or a sympathiser, and ordered his men to burn and destroy the hamlet completely. No enemy forces were encountered in the attack. But the  American soldiers swept through My Lai and killed every person in the hamlet - mainly old men, women and children. There were several sexual assaults on the women including one gang-rape.
Joe Frazier wins heavyweight title. Feb. 16 1970
Joe Frazier has solved the question of who will succeed Muhammed Ali . The 26 year-old ex-Olympic champion thrashed every contender, topping off his streak by putting away Jimmy Ellis in five rounds.
Chicago Seven not guilty. Feb. 18, 1970
In a trial that reached comic heights unparalleled in American jusisprudence , the “Chicago Seven” were found ‘not guilty’ of conspiring to incite a riot. But fiv eof the defendants - Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin -were convicted of crossing state lines with intent to cause a riot and were handed five-year sentences. During the course of the trial, the five were also given contempt-of-court sentences, as were their lawyers, William Kunstler and William Weinglass. The trial was the result of the riots during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
Kent State: Four are dead in Ohio. May 4, 1970
Student dissent over the American invasion of Cambodia exploded in death at a university today. It did not happen at Berkeley. It happened at the usually apathetic Kent State. Four unarmed students were killed by National Guardsmen. The tired and nervous guardsmen moved in on a group of student who were holding an anti-war rally which had been banned. During a student response to the use of tear gas when rocks were thrown, the guardsmen retaliated  and a shot was heard. The soldiers unleashed a volley at some students 25 yards away. Four were killed and 10 wounded.
Strange case of the invisible millionaire. Paradise Island 1970.
Iot was Thanksgiving, well before dawn when the helicopter deposited Howard Hughes atop the Britainnia Beach Hotel here in the Bahamas. Or did it? The 9th floor is sealed as tight as the resort workers lips. Hughes in seclusion since 1950, is fleeing a power struggle in his Las Vegas empire (£100 million in land and seven casinos). The 64-year-old billionaire was orphaned at 17 and took over hi father’s business - Hughes Tool Company. Since then, he has produced films, piloted planes, bought and lost TWA and now disappeared. He is worth $.2 billion
Two rock stars fall. 1970
The excesses of stardom have taken two of rock’s most talented and flamboyant stars, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. Hendrix, 27, was found dead of a sleeping pill overdose in London on September 18. A radical imaginative guitarist with the Experience, Hendrix changed the face of music with a fiery technique. Joplin, also 27, won fame singing in a raspy, passionate style with Big Brother and the Holding Co. Today (Oct. 4 in Lo Angeles she died of a heroin overdose.
Nation’s population passes 203 million.Washington Nov.30, 1970
The 1970 census places the nation’s population at 203,184, 772 a 13.3% increase over 1960. And the smallest rise since the Depression 1930‘s. The biggest increase was in the South, 8 million. California (20 million) passed New York (18.2 million) as the most populous state.
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