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Hadrell's Journal

26th Ringare. on the road in search of atonement

We are back on the north road again, with maybe five days to go before we reach Bree. It will mean travelling across the Barrow Downs, a place of ill omen, the resting place of the dead kings of ancient Arnor. I would feel happier if I knew Aule watched over me.

We saw black clouds in the north when we set off this morn, and it was clear to me that there would be rain tonight. Erethor it was who predicted the storm though, the storm that even now rages, and has doused the fire beyond my skill to resurrect.

I have prayed on and off during the day, before breakfast, at our stop for lunch, and this evening as I mended the gauntlet seam where the eels teeth had cut. And yet more is needed. Were I at home in Erebor, I would make a great helm, or an engraved breastplate, dedicated to the Maker and presented to the Temple. But both the workshop and the Temple lie far from here. I could travel to Khazad dum, alone if necessary, and spend my days driving the orcs and creatures of the dark from the hallowed halls, however I am already upon a quest that Gimli himself has placed before me, surely at the will of Aule, and it rules where I must travel.

I am dedicated to this quest and the protection of my comrades upon it, but I feel that this will not suffice as atonement, and it may be very long ere it is completed. I must find another route, another task. Perhaps I could write a song and sing The Maker's praises daily, upon the hills in the dawns first light. Were I to reach a city of our people where a temple may be found I could present the ancient flail that I carry, dedicating it to Aule, for surely such an item should not be recovered simply to be lost in the wilderness if our quest fails and our lives are lost. It should be kept in a sacred place with the works of our fathers, and brought out in times of dire need, when our very people are in danger and evil stirs.

The journey goes on; I continue to pray. A chance for atonement will arise and I shall be waiting. Praise be to The Maker.

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