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Hadrell's Journal

3rd Narvinye, of birds (roasted) & bees.

The day is ending. I must be brief, for I write by firelight. After departing Bree we travelled North, and as the light was fading we camped within sight of a village called Velhel which sits at a crossroads. Today we travelled on the Northwest road. We passed through a hamlet called Rood late this afternoon, but Erethor was eager to press on, and would not stay at the inn. We are now less than a days travel from Anuminas, and I grow wary. Erethor does not anticipate trouble, but there have been unusual happenings throughout our journey, and I am not as certain as he. I will not mention my fears to the others. Let them believe in safety. Maybe my uneasiness is due only to the gulf that I feel remains between myself and the true will of Aule.

Rood appeared most pleasant, and the Blacksmith there is Dwarven, a Master Begley. We spoke briefly in Khuzdul and he mentioned that he keeps a supply of good dwarven ale. I hope that there is time on our return to share a mug with him.

I had forgotten how well Yawinawin speaks my peoples tongue.

As we rode today, Moth told me of the origin of the symbol on my shield. I did not know that she had any knowledge of heraldry, but she spoke with the authority of much learning. The roasted bird is an ancient motif, dating back to the Isle of Numenor and the 2nd age. It was associated with a man of great renown and bravery. I will bear it into battle now with far greater confidence. I pray that my dream of yesternight was not prophetic, for in it I fought a foe draped in shadow, and my new shield splintered and broke quickly beneath its blows.

The night is quiet. As a prayed to Aule earlier this evening I heard the sound of insects off to one side. It turned out to be a nest of bees hanging from a nearby tree. It brought back many memories of warm summers in the foothills of Erebor, and knowledge that I had long forgotten. I was able to confirm that the swarm was sleepy with cold, and, if left undisturbed, were no danger to us. Now to join them in slumber; Yawinawin has gone to wake Erethor for the next watch.

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