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Hadrell's Journal

6th Narvinye - Evening thoughts.

Our journey south has begun in earnest; how we now begrudge the dark, and the shortness of the days. The days have begun to lengthen, but the coldest times are yet to come. Winter is no time for travelling the northern wastes. We are travelling fast when the light holds, galloping for long stretches. It is tiring, yet it must be done. Winter holds us fast within its grip, and our journey to the North by ship may not be delayed until the Spring. We make for Tharbad with all haste.

I write to collect my thoughts, but also to fill my time in these darksome evenings. It is perilous to try and travel once night has fallen. The roads are old and worn, and Moth's sight in the dark is as bad as that of the ponies.

We have stopped at the campsite we employed but 3 days ago. So much seems to have happened in the interim; trolls and stone beasts, whirlwinds and magic scrolls. I have prayed, and we have eaten. Erethor remembered the site well. Clearly the sleeping bees we became aware of when last we were here have now been plundered. Erethor returned from his forage with fresh honeycomb which Yawinawin used to sweeten the tubers that were our evening meal. I hope that Erethor will find time soon to go hunting once again. Too little meat in ones diet weakens the sinews it is said.

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