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It was during the War of the Ring, that Gandalf had predicted that there would come new threats to the Free Peoples after Sauron had passed. He said that one must confront the evils of one's own generation, and leave the defense of the future to those that dwelt therein. With the dawning of the Fourth age, the Age of Men has arrived and supernatural forces gradually begin to fade away. Elessar and Éomer still fight the remnants of Sauron's minions wherever they appear. The land is not yet rid of the terrible Orcs, and they continue to ravage the Misty Mountains and the Greenwood.

It is the dawning of the Forth age, the year is F.A. 10.

These pages will deal with a MERP campaign that uses the RMSS and is set in the fourth age, based roughly upon ICE's 'Palantir Quest'. The pages will include general rulings, source material, campaign journals and the Like.

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Recent updates: 03/03/07 - Session 31 update, and journals. 08/01/07 - Session 30 update. 21/06/06 - Session 29 update. 23/02/06 - Session 28 update & Hadrells Journal. 10/08/05 - Session 27 update. 01/06/05 - Hadrells journal. 30/5/05 - Sculpts of Iaunawen.

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