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Moth's Journal

4th Narvinye
My dreams were more than dreams again last night, I feel that the further I travel from the land of my birth, the closer I become to the lands I travel through. First, the dream of the strange elf in green at the building in the woods, before we reached the barrows. And now this, a dream of a beautiful elven woman, an almost sensual dream, one in which had I been male I would have no doubt appreciated greatly. But I dreamt of a tower above Lake Nenuial, a red flag flying. My family's holding. I wonder, whose dream was I dreaming? A noble's perhaps? A royal of this once fair city? And then a ring dance, fast, urgent, "the blood of life must mingle with starshine, turbulence and wonder". I wonder too, what that means. I find myself swimming through water, undisturbed by the lack of air. She is beside me, clad only in her hair, and the expression in her eyes. Oh, those eyes. She talks of lakes, of all waters, of how this lake is but illusion, of how this lake is herself….
I spoke of my dream to Hadrell and Iorwenawen. Hadrell possesses a quality of understanding such that I find it easy to discuss such unusual events with him, while Iorwenawen appreciates them, finding them intriguing and possibly amusing. They seemed to think the Elven lady a Maia. If that is so, then I have been honored, whatever the strange meanings within the dream.

There was a fight today. I know this because Erethor was badly injured. I saw little of it, not for cowardice, but for want of speed. My riding skill has improved but little. By the time I reached the fracas, there was naught but blood and bodies left. He rides off all too hastily, little thinking of consequences, or that others may depend upon his knowledge for their survival, or indeed that he may put this entire quest in peril by his actions. Yet we have all acted hastily at sometime, each done something foolish.

Again I am discomforted when I think upon the original reason I was given for being here. Having watched both Erethor and Hadrell for some time now, it is becoming more apparent still that there has been little danger of the two parting company (Erethor's rash and unpredictable maneuvers being the only exception) and that there has seemed some, if not friendship, vague semblance of respect for most of this journey. Yet this journey has served to strengthen me, and if I survive, then it may strengthen me still more. I am uncertain as to my limits, their boundaries seem to have expanded since journeying.

We made camp, and then, unable to contain my curiosity any longer - as I wrote earlier, we have all acted hastily - I persuaded Hadrell to accompany me down one of the spiral staircases we'd come across. After all, how dangerous could a library be? I should have remembered sooner our encounter with the paper demon in the remains of the library at Tharbad.
The steps were trapped and we retreated downtrodden and with burnt feet. We took time later to mark the offending step with some of my ink. I need to purchase more at the next opportunity.

5th Narvinye
This morning I felt it was prudent and polite to explain one of my magics clearly to all, that of mind speech, to my companions. Firstly they would be aware that it would be me doing so, and secondly, and this I deem more important, given Hadrell's proud bearing and Erethor's general standoffish demeanor, that I would not be trespassing within their minds were I to use it. Hadrell seemed somewhat impressed and intrigued, Erethor made little of it, but he raised no objections - which was fortuitous given later circumstances.

Our second descent into the library somewhat later also went none too well including my scrying in the waters of the fountain for an answer shortly after descending. This time we were attacked by large moving stone beasts. By all the gods, this library would have been hauntingly beautiful once, many years ago, but a deadly beauty at that, with dangers and traps, twists and we were looking for the only thing of immediate interest here, the scroll.

We had left Erethor waiting at the surface, and all too soon came up against the stone beasts. Myself and Iorwenawen were little able to do much to them, but it was down to Hadrell's brave actions that we were saved. In desperation I reached for a door, only to find it trapped. Still, desperate times call for desperate measures, and undeterred we eventually shut ourselves in a room with a skylight in the ceiling. Rather than risk more trouble I called out to Erethor using my magic, and he responded shortly afterwards, much to my surprise. A rope was thrown to him, and he retreated, to throw the rope down to us from the skylight.

Perhaps tomorrow shall prove correct the old saying "third time lucky".

6th Narvinye
Last night, still haunted by the strange dream I tried to little avail to work out its meaning. I suppose some things are not meant to be, certain questions to remain unanswered. This frustrates me, but I will learn to deal with it given time, and, no doubt, increasing dangers. Thankfully however, one of our questions was answered, and how! I now know where we are to head, and I have a clear image in my mind, for third time proved lucky indeed.

We battled through more of the library's traps, a whirlwind, and at one point Erethor became temporarily blinded by magic. I had had a vision of a room this time, oval and painted cream and it took much searching through rooms painted in various colours, each with a different theme. I dared not tally and look too long, as I knew we were on dangerous grounds, and that we had not the time to research each area. Perhaps one day I would like to return here, and find out more of this place of magics.

Finally we came to the room that I had seen, and although the scroll I was looking for was not initially apparent, we quickly found where it had fallen. I could not help myself, I reached out and opened it…..

I find myself riding a horse through a field - my first thought is that I shall fall off, my skill has improved but marginally - and as we ride, ducking a branch, we head towards a hedge. The steed rises and jumps and I fall…..to find myself upon a peculiarly lumpy, sandy coloured beast in a desert. It's hot, the sun's beating down upon me, too hot. I feel a great thirst, and as if my surroundings have heard my need there is suddenly a water bottle in my path. I reach and grab it, gulping down the delicious, cool water, and I close my eyes relishing the taste…..opening them to another different scene. This time I am riding high on an Oliphaunt in an area of thick lush greenery, and it plunges through the strange landscape towards a clearing and plunges itself and me through a waterfall……and then I feel chill winds and snow. And this time I know I am where I should be, an icy plain on chill shores, a promontory, and a cave into which a bear is heading. I look up and there is another figure here besides me. An old man, holding a scroll, which he gives to me He says "To this location you must travel again, but next time in the waking world. I now command you to awaken from your dream." And I wake……

Hadrell was holding me, a look of concern on his face. I think he must have caught me before I fell. I think I must have worried him. I still held tightly to the scroll, although on closer examination it had changed and drained by the seemingly non-physical exertions I could not translate the words that had appeared on it.

We made it out of the library, with few further mishaps, and I rested a good while, worn and battered more than I had initially realized. Hadrell called upon his god to heal me and when I had explained the strange journey that I had taken, all four of us set to discussing what we should do next. It seems that the scroll was guiding us to Forochel and that there were two, not one items for which we were questing. Between myself and Erethor, who I grudgingly admit can be most knowledgable in certain areas, we pieced together a little history and the location made some sense.

I did not however look forward to my future prospects - firstly a hard ride to Bree, then to Tharbad to speak to the Commander Cillas and to arrange a sea journey

8th Narvinye
It has been a long hard few days' ride since the last entry, I have had neither time nor inclination to write before now, but write now I must, for I have learned things that may yet result in dire consequences.

I had a disturbing dream in the early hours of this morning. Sometimes the truth will out through my visions, sometimes strange dreams. This however, was not so much a frightening dream as a frightening revelation of the time in Dunland, where I had spoken up for our party, saying what I believed was the truth, only for it to cause anger with Hadrell and Erethor, and a potential death sentence for us all. At the time I did not know what was wrong, that I had spoken lies, yet my comrades were furious with me. Now I understand why, my memories had been somehow changed to suit another's more nefarious purpose. Everything I had said was false. No little wonder they were furious. My previous innocent duplicity had further served to fan the flames.

It frightened me, that we could be a danger to ourselves in this way, and that someone could have such power over any of us. I desperately wanted to speak of this to the others, but I couldn't think how it would be possible without further angering Erethor. I needed to talk with Hadrell alone, Iorwenawen was not affected by this, we'd met her whilst escaping after the trial. I offered to journey with Hadrell to the Smithy to collect his shield.

Hadrell listened well to what I had to say, he is fair of mind, and he too looked as concerned as I. If anything should happen now, he at least is warned, and the others may listen more to him than to me, concerning this. I consider him a friend, more than before, and I would trust him with my life.

11th Narvinye
We have been traveling as fast as possible, stopping for a much needed rest overnight at the most hospitable Prancing Pony, where I do believe Erethor was found favourable by a maid! Who would have thought it? Yes, underneath the grime his face may be handsome, but as a person? Perhaps she would do better wanting to hug a stone.

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