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Moth's Journal

17th - 28th Hisme F.A.10

My heart dropped as Malanarth told me how long the journey will take, but outwardly I smiled and feigned eagerness to be off. Truth be told, I like my comfort, but more than that, I find that playing my role is far easier when I do not have to worry about shared rooms or being forced to relieve oneself in close proximity of others. I fear my secret would be out all too quickly!

But Malanarth is a good man, and his tales were of great interest to me. He knew Elbrian for far longer than I, and I enjoyed hearing of my poor master, even though there are still times I must wipe away tears quietly. His passing is too close for me not to miss him dreadfully.

As the distance to Edoras shortened, I begin to enjoy the journey - the changing scenery was pleasing to me and the inns we stayed at were comfortable and the folk welcoming. Sometimes I shared a tale or two with Malanarth and I saw them creep towards the table, ears bent to me. Then I would raise my voice a little and without actually seeming to do so, I welcomed my audience in and hold them spell-bound a while. With a little inflection on the words just so, as Elbrian used to. Almost always afterwards, they plied us with a free ale. Sometimes I'll have been given a choice tidbit with my meal, for having simply smiled at the serving lass, or complimented her on her own.

And still this task puzzles me. So, wary and shaking slightly I did what I should have done prior to this night. I took off my gloves and held the paper. The contact with my skin was enough. I could see him, my dear master and ….someone else. Someone who I know yet whose name I cannot remember. Ahhh! Me?! My memory is nigh on perfect! I KNOW I should know him…..And more frustratingly, someone who can not only make me forget, and shut out my visions, but also knows I am female! And Elbrian knew also! Is there ANY that do not? Is my disguise that poor?! No, it is not, but Elbrian loved me well enough to have seen through it. And not let on.

And this Erethor? Who is he? It is not a Dwarven name, so I presume he is the man of Rohan. Hmmm. This business reeks of prophecy, of heroic deeds and I do not like it. "It will strengthen her"? I do not like that either!

The strange vision serves to keep me quiet for the rest of this journey as I puzzle and analyse the interaction between the two. And, also, as I try desperately to fathom out the importance of this man to the future. What could he be, who could he be, what knowledge does he have? It SURELY has to be one of these three reasons……..I wonder too, why I have been sent to preserve the friendship between him and the dwarf. Surely friendship is not THAT important a factor. But if it is my task I shall resolve to do so, even if it means that I bind them through a mutual dislike. Although that might prove at least a little unpleasant for my welfare, if I must stoop to making them both dislike me greatly. We shall see how they fare together and work it from there.

28th Hisme

Today was possibly the most harrowing so far. Surrounded by such hospitality, yet I was born in the land of their once enemy. After a while I was able to forget and enjoy the sights and sounds of the place. Forget even that I would be presented to the King in the morning. I know what manners are required of me, but that settles my discomfort little.

29th Hisme.

I was wrong. Yesterday was not the most harrowing. Inwardly I shook as we approached the Golden Hall. I had read of this hall and it was no less grand than I had expected. The foreknowledge of my arrival was also unnerving, I felt as if too much was known about me. Eomer and his Lady are everything I expected and more besides. Alas that I had little chance to speak further with him as the two I have been sent to accompany on their travels had arrived just at that moment. And to my dismay I saw that this "man of importance" was of Rohan origin, most obviously of Rohan origin. This matters greatly to me as now I have to conceal my Dunnish heritage as well as gender en route. The dwarf, I believe he is, though he strangely has no beard, looks stern and I fear that he may be no easier a travelling companion. We spent a while in the King's company - not being used to royalty, I found the evening wearing and confusing. That is at least till we began exchanging tales, a pastime to which I am well accustomed and so I related a simple but light-hearted tale. They seemed to appreciate it - but that could simply be due to good manners.

And so when we awoke and were taken to the stables this morning, I felt grateful to be on my way. Until, that is, I was shown to a beautiful chestnut horse, Katrisel. No one has realised yet - I have very little knowledge indeed of riding. Even Hadrell seems more comfortable with the idea……No doubt I will be saddle-sore very shortly……if I do not fall off, that is! This may prove to be highly embarrassing and will certainly give the others something to laugh over.

6th Ringare

Damn but this journey has been hard. I watched the other two a while. And the more I watched the more my heart sank. To keep these two bonded in friendship will not require my diplomatic wiles, it will take a great miracle. And neither of them feels comfortable with my presence here. The Dwarf is disturbed by both my lack of armour and weaponry and my lack of lengthy names and lineage. He kept pressing me for information and it was all I could do to divert his attention with remarks and questions of my own. I want to forget my past to a certain extent. And I LIKE the name Moth, it reminds me of Elbrian and it's neither a male or female name. I would like to have a female name one day, a name that's truly mine. Not my dead brother's, nor a nickname. Mine. Whatever, I feel I like the fellow, despite his obvious distrust of me.

As for Erethor. Who knows? I've avoided him as much as is possible given my task in hand. I will happily share tales with him, anything more, no. For a start, while he is more likely to notice the differences in horses, he is after all human, and therefore is more likely to notice any errors in my disguise than the Dwarf. He also doesn't seem the type to appreciate deception in any form. I may be wrong though. Although I am almost certainly of far less of interest to him than the mud beneath his horse's hooves. Ah well, I know he's important, and though he is unlikely to ever know it, he has my loyalty based alone on the vision I have seen. For what transpired seemed to be of importance and if I can help, I shall do so. Doesn't mean I have to like him though…..

This curiosity is becoming too much for me to bear, however. And I have my ways. I know all that it would take would be to leave the gloves off awhile. Sooner or later one of my companions will brush my hand as they pass me a drink or a plate……I hope I can cover any reaction I may have…… Two nights ago I had toyed with the mirror, hoping that it would give me insight. My very birthright should dictate that while the other two argue, I may know a little more…………..

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