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Moth's Journal

20th Hisme F.A.10

I reread the parchment again, anxious for any clue to be revealed. 'Tis true I desired to leave this place, and Elbrian was only too aware of that desire before he died - he'd forseen the trouble my staying here could cause. But why this mysterious letter? I have no recollection of any people of this description having visited Elbrian during my time with him. And a man of great importance? Bah. I packed all I need quickly, scowling at the thought of a MAN of importance. Why always the men? Why never a WOMAN of importance? Maybe amongst the Elves, but rarely among humans…..It served as another reminder as to why I chose the skin I wear as I bundled some clothes, mirror and book amongst a few other small items, pen and parchment some such, into a pack. Taking my gloves from the table, I looked fondly around the room.

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