Wot hapund.

2 - Wel sneekee men fings followed us back to camp didunt they. One of the S***s got the hump from the start as we had been havin a rite wording ova the last fight, he got shot so it didn't matta. Anyway we got away, then the ova little s**t got tu big for is boots. Well its me the troll and Imgan now.

1 - Well wot a load of old coblarz, met sum men fings and day killed Ogrob. Then I got hit on tha nogs and all me boyz ran away. And to top it all of Bogblad et tu of the little S***s.

Pat on da Bonce.

Grobag - A gobbo with vision, also very tasty.

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Ded as Dodoz

Ogrob the Shaman
Little S***s

The S***'s

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