Battle reports

3 - Returning from the randsom of Arkúmph, the collection of Muzgakh and a newly tainted mutant, the rest of the band recieved a supprise attack from mercenaries. The brave few fought off the attack untill we got there the it was the mercenaries who were suprised.

2 - The gods showed us the path to the tomb of a fallen knight of the old order, however an Ogre of mighty strengh was already looting the tomb. Arkúmph got itself captured but a shard of the holy meteor secured its servitude within our ranks. Muzgakh was sent to fight in the pit as a penalty for failing to stop the Ogre.

1 - We encountered a band of Witchhunters within the ruins. The power of the true god's prevailed, and the enemy soundly beaten with only the loss of one of our number.

Heroic Deeds.

Muzgakh - For bringing back the rewards of a fight.

Current Roster

Departed Souls.

The Lords of Chaos took the dark soul of Brethren Thespesius.

The Possesed

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