15/1/17 - Happy new year!

A very happy new year 2017 to all our readers, from The Keno Kings.


20/12/15 - London Porterhouse show cancelled

The KKs have just heard, and we are sorry to announce, that Sunday afternoon's show at the London Porterhouse, King's Lynn, has been cancelled.  We're not sure of the reason just yet.  We will obviously let you know about any new dates at the venue for 2016.


20/11/15 - Up Yer Froat

The KKs are sorry to announce that Sunday 22nd November's gig at the London Porterhouse in King's Lynn has had to be cancelled.  Singer Mick has been hit by a throat infection.  We hope that normal service will be resumed very soon, certainly in time for the Walnut Tree Shades show on Sat 28th Nov.  See you down there!


12/11/14 - The late Pinky Jackson

Will he ever live it down?  Already rather fashionably late for the gig at the Queen Vic Snettisham, KK bassist Malcolm chose to bring his pink paisley Fender Precision.  In touch with his feminine side maybe?  Whatever, we think it will be a long time before 'Pinky' lives this one down!  The gig was pretty fabulous though.


1/12/12 - Return of the Jinks... again

The KKs are again chuffed to announce that alumnus Steve Jinks will be rejoining the band for a special show at the California Tavern, California, Scratby on Saturday 1st December 2012.  If he should approach you please DO NOT buy this man any lager!


27/7/12 - Bare Vestibule

Refill your glasses, it's the annual beer festival at the  Stuart House Hotel, King's Lynn.  See you there Friday 27th July for the Keno Kings R&B party.


18/6/12 - Covering for Doctor Misfit

Sad news is that our good friend Peter - from Doctor Misfit and his Gastric Band - has suffered a broken leg.  At short notice the Keno Kings will be standing in for the Good Doctor on Tuesday 19th June at the Fox & Hounds, and Thursday 28th June at the Walnut Tree Shades.  Get well soon Peter.


14/9/11 - Non-return of the Jinks

The KKs are disappointed to announce that the 3rd December show with Steve Jinks will not be happening after all.  Due to some difficulties with dates at the Cali Tavern this special KK show has been postponed until sometime in early 2012.  Wach this space


26/8/11 - Return of the Jinks

The KKs are chuffed to announce that alumnus Steve Jinks will be rejoining the band for a special show at the California Tavern, California, Scratby on Saturday 3rd December 2011.  If you should approach him please DO NOT buy this man any lager!


23/7/10 - Stuart House Hotel beer festival

Not quite so frazzellingly hot as last year, but pretty warm nonetheless and a fantastic evening as always.  Great to see Chrissie & Richard looking very well and taking a landlubber weekend.  What SHALL we do with a drunken sailor?


9/6/10 - News Flash - special show with Dr Misfit

The Keno Kings are delighted to announce a very special show coming up this Christmastime.  On Saturday 18th December 2010, at the Wash & Tope Hotel, Hunstanton, the Kenos will join forces for a combined performance with the fabulous Dr Misfit himself.  An evening of high energy R&B in the style of Dr Feelgood will definitely ensue.  So if you'd like a little rock'n'roll in your arm, come on down!


24/1/10 - London Porterhouse, Kings Lynn

Blimey, what a gig at the Porterhouse yesterday afternoon.  The compact and bijou venue was packed solid with grooving punters.  And the grooving Kenos can't wait for their next return on March 21st.  Why not groove on down and catch them.


18/12/09 - Two Shows Cancelled

Sorry to report that Friday's gig at the Bell, Brandon has been cancelled due to prevailing weather conditions.  And Saturday's gig at Wicken Green is cancelled as the club has suffered a burst water pipe and is flooded.  The Kenos hope to announce 2010 gigs at both venues soon.


17/12/09 - The Blueberry, Norwich

Do come on down and bring your friends to the Blueberry, Cowgate, Norwich on Thursday night, 17th Dec.  Attendance levels are not what they once were at the Blueberry so their music policy is going through a major change and, as far as we can tell, this will be the Keno's last appearance at the venue.  It's a real shame since it used to be Norwich's own 'blues HQ'  - as evidenced by the special mural on the wall, with Kenos Phil and Mick appearing twice.  So please help us give the place a rousing send off.  See you down there! 


10/10/09 - Isle of Wight

Another fantastic weekend courtesy of Boogaloo Promotions at Norton Grange, Isle of Wight.  It was great to meet some new friends, including Oli Brown & Simon & Fred, Bob Hokum and LeBurn Maddox, and to see some older chums like Tim Aves, but even greater to play for such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience.  Here's looking forward to the next one!


07/09/09 - White Hart, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Sorry to announce that this Thursday's show at the White Hart, Aldeburgh, has been cancelled.  The pub is currently experiencing some difficulties with music licensing, plus Nobby is still suffering with his ear infection.  We hope to rearrange a gig there when things are sorted out.


06/9/09 - 'Ere there

Big thanks also to Nigel Howes who depped admirably on the skins at the King Edward VII this afternoon.  Nice one Nige.


27/8/09 - 'Ere ear

Big thanks to drummer Ian Clarke for stepping in with just two hours notice for the ailing Nobster  (suffering from an inner ear infection) at the Walnut Tree Shades.  Clarkey 'The Timelord' was brilliant on the traps.  Checkout his regular outfit at  www.misterbuss.co.uk.  And get well soon Nobby.


13/8/09 - Reindeer closes

Sad to report that things have gone belly up for Lisa and Terry at The Reindeer, Norwich, and the pub will close from this Sunday.  Keno Kings appearances booked for 30th August and 20th November are therefore now cancelled.


30/7/09 - New! Pulsating!

Today sees the launch of our new style KK webpage, complete with 'throbber' logo!  We hope you like it, but do let us know through the guestbook or via e-mail.


24/7/09 - Stuart's Bare Vestibule

Pleased to report another fantastic evening at the annual Stuart House Hotel beer festival in Kings Lynn, happily not quite as roastingly hot as last year.  No shortage of beer drinking, music loving punters were crammed into the bar and surrounds.  Very many pints were supped, burgers were necked, and reels were jigged to the accompaniment of some good ol' KK R&B.  Same again next year please!


17/7/09 - White Jazz

Tonight saw the first appearance of Malcolm's brand new Fender Jazz Bass, vintage 1965, finished in Olympic White.  Very nice Malc.


8/3/09 - Thank you Andy.  Welcome Malcolm

The Keno Kings are delighted to announce new bass player, Malcolm Jackson.  Although Andy has done a great job on bass for the last four months, sadly things didn't quite work out so a parting of the ways was agreed.  Malcolm has played just three gigs with the band and already it feels like it's always been that way.  Checkout the Kenos, including Malcolm, at The Blueberry, Norwich on 19th March.


7/2/09 - The Kenoloos

A very special occasion at the Kings Head, Letheringsett called for a very special band.  David and Pam have sold the pub and this was their final weekend, so the Keno Kings merged with local heroes The Boogaloos to form north Norfolk's very own supergroup, The Kenoloos!  The capacity crowd gave the departing D&P a rousing send-off.  Throw in the reading of a poem and the singing of a song, both specially written for the occasion, plus guest appearances from local harmonica player Jason and guitarist Paul, and a fantastic night was had by all.  We send our best wishes and good luck to David & Pam.


13/12/08 - Return of the Jinks

A great gig at the Kings Head, Letheringsett, stepping in at short notice for the indisposed Boogaloos (get well very soon Dennis).  And since Andy was unavailable, Steve came back to cover bass duties... brilliantly, just like the old days.  See the KKs here again on 7th Feb 2009.


5/11/08 - Enthusiastic & Warm

Another rocking evening of R&B with a full house at The Queen Vic Snettisham, including some enthusiastic dancing from Sally, Linda, Rod and others who shall remain nameless.  New boy Andy played an absolute blinder and was welcomed aboard very warmly by all our KK friends, many of whom also sent goodwill messages to Steve.  Thanks everybody.  See you next time at the QVS on 18th February.


11/10/08 - Thank you Steve.  Welcome Andy

The Keno Kings are delighted to welcome aboard new bass player, Andy Doyle.  Although Steve will be an extremely  tough act to follow, Andy is definitely up for the challenge.  First gig with the new lineup will be Wednesday 5th November at the Queen Victoria, Snettisham - be there!  We send our heartfelt thanks to Steve for his massive contribution over the last four years, and wish him every success in his new studio recording business.  Once a Keno, always a King.


15/9/08 - Bass player wanted

With much regret we have to announce that Steve Jinks will be leaving the Keno Kings, due to his worsening health circumstances.  Steve will continue as a Keno until a replacement is found (even though he is irreplaceable), and will continue to play beyond that in his other band and jam sessions etc.  Meantime, if you are a bass player who would like to try out for the Keno Kings, please send an e-mail.


25/7/08 - Phew, what a scorcher!

The hottest gig in living memory, and that was even before the music started.  The Stuart House Hotel bar and yard were absolutely rammed with beer drinking R&B fans when the Kenos fired-up and really raised the temperature.  Thanks to all who travelled specially to the show, including Annette, Terry & family - keep rockin'.


12/6/08 - Walnut Tree Shades - under new management

A brilliant and very well attended first Keno appearance at the Walnut under new owner, Ron.  A little foot-tapping, some dancing, and much rocking was done by those present.  Many CDs would have been sold, if only Steve had remembered to bring them.  The KKs look forward to their next evening at the WTS. 


10/5/08 - Last Show at the Wash and Tope, Hunstanton

Another strong reception at The Wash'n''Tope on Saturday.  Sadly it looks like the last as landlord Paul is moving on to pastures new in Peterborough.  Good luck Paul, and keep rockin'.


04/5/08 - Chris Gudgin's Farewell, Walnut Tree Shades, Norwich

Some welcome summery weather meant that the band could play outside at the Walnut.  Just as well since the pub and surrounding area was jam packed with people, all eager to either a) pay tribute to the departing The Gudge or b) see the back of him.  Actually I'm certain that all, including the Kenos, fell into the former category.  A rockin' KK show was very well received by all present.  And during presentation of their good luck card to The Gudge, Kenos Steve, Mick & Phil all ceremonially offered themselves up for one last man-grope.  Yelp!  Will we ever see his like again?


12/4/08 - The Musician, Leicester

Not even the breakdown of two amplifiers - bass and guitar - prevented a great evening at The Musician.  A terrific show was appreciated by a very attentive Leicester audience, giving the band a standing ovation at midnight.  The Kenos were pleased to make many new friends including - and many thanks to - promoter Chris, landlord Darren and soundman Kurt.  Special mention and shout-out goes to Leeds based support band, Blues Positive.


22/2/08 - Cracking and a-Cackling

A cracking night at Attleborough's White Lodge last night.  Great to see Jonathan and all the Comtec racing guys again.  Apologies to anybody offended by the frankly reprehensible behaviour of the Keno WAGs.  Giggling, laughing, cackling, and even dancing.  I blame Sonya.  And Su.  And Jacqui.


14/2/08 - Funny Valentine

Yet another packed and fun evening at Norwich's premier Thursday R&B venue, the Walnut Tree Shades.  The landlord was flush with success from winning two categories in the recent EEN/EDP competition, including 'best bar person' for The Gudge (I know, I know).  Anyway, the Kenos were all looking a bit twitchy, nervously waiting to see who The Gudge would pick to be his valentine.  Modesty prevents me revealing any more.  I'm going for a shower.


22/12/07 - Make Tracks

Have you been to Tracks at the Railway, North Elmham yet?  What a fantastic venue - great atmosphere, great sound, and even a minstrel gallery.  However, maybe it's no surprise at this time of year - what with all the office parties, church services and carol singing etc - that the KK show was witnessed only by a small but perfectly formed audience.  The band will be appearing there again in 2008, so please lookout for  another chance to support this great local venue.


29/11/07 - A Reformed The Gudge

Another excellent evening at Norwich's premier Thursday R&B venue, the Walnut Tree Shades - shortlisted for honours in this year's EEN/EDP competition for best pub/ venue/ food/ beer/ landlord etc.  Dunno if it's the sniff of impending glory, but landlord The Gudge was like a new bloke - not a single man-groping was witnessed all evening.  Maybe this leaves the road clear for a new year resolution style grope-fest come January 1st?  We can't wait.


28/9/07 - The Walnut 500

Thanks to everyone who came along to the 500th gig last night.  The Walnut Tree Shades was truly heaving, both inside (non-smokers) and out (smokers).  The Kenos delivered a fantastic mix of older and newer songs, including an extended encore until at least 11:30, and original bass player Davey Guttridge rejoined the band for a couple of tunes.  Many photographs were taken and many commemorative 'Drivetime Sessions' CDs were signed, sealed and sold.  An extra special 'Gudgie' was awarded by legendary landlord The Gudge to KK singer Mick - whose yelping could be heard for some distance.  We love you Chris!  And here's looking forward to the next 500 gigs.  Blimey.


14/9/07 - Tracks show cancelled

We are sorry to announce that the 15th September show at Tracks @ the Railway, North Elmham, nr Dereham, has been cancelled due to ill health of the landlady.  The Keno Kings have been re-booked for Saturday 22nd December.


12/9/07 - The Keno Kings notch up their 500th show

Norwich based original rhythm & blues band, the Keno Kings, will soon notch up their 500th show – Thursday evening 27th September at the Walnut Tree Shades, Old Post Office Court, Norwich – and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

As well as the usual high-octane performance, the evening will also see the launch of “The Drivetime Sessions”, a limited run of commemorative CDs capturing the band’s recent recording session and broadcasts for BBC Radio Suffolk.

The Walnut Tree Shades 01603 620166 has for some time enjoyed a reputation as Norwich’s premier R&B pub-venue, where bands and audiences – and legendary landlord Chris Gudgin – combine to create the best atmosphere in town.  The show begins around 8:30pm.  Do get there early to guarantee your dancing space.


07/9/07 - Brilliant BBC

It was sold out show at the BBC mini blues fest, Ipswich on the 7th.  Four terrific bands, including the Kenos, were recorded and extracts will be broadcast soon by Stephen Foster on BBC Radio Suffolk.  Stay tuned to 103.9 or 104.6 FM, or 'listen live' at http://www.bbc.co.uk/suffolk/local_radio/index.shtml 


30/08/07 - New pictures

Checkout images for some new studio pictures of the Keno Kings taken by Dave Guttridge earlier this month.


05/08/07 - Brilliant Boogaloo Hayling Island

What a brilliant Blues Weekender at Hayling Island, courtesy of Boogaloo Promotions.  The Kenos played a top show, sold a bunch of CDs and jammed late into the after-hours sessions.  Everyone had a great time and the KKs made a lot of new friends along the way.  Here's looking forward to a Boogaloo summer in 2008.


31/07/07 - BBC Blues Mini-Fest 2007

The Keno Kings are just one part of a very exciting bill on 7th September in Ipswich for this year's BBC Blues Mini-Fest, hosted by Stephen Foster.  More info.


12/07/07 - 500 up!

The Keno Kings 500th gig will be at the Walnut Tree Shades, Norwich, on Thursday 27th September (this date has been changed from the 20th originally).  The gig will see the launch of a commemorative CD of the KKs recent BBC radio appearances.  Lookout for a press-splash nearer the time.  Be there or be square!  More information above...


11/06/07 - On my radio

Big thanks to Stephen Foster for the 4 KK broadcasts on BBC Radio Suffolk last week.  You did tune in didn't you?


01/06/07 - Gudgie, anyone?

What a night last night at the Walnut Tree Shades, Norwich - really proving that old adage about good music being a 50:50 relationship between band and audience... and maybe we should add a squeeze of landlord Chris Gudgin into that equation.  Because you couldn't have squeezed any more people into the Walnut even if you'd tried.  And speaking of squeezing (or man-groping)... anybody fancy a "Gudgie"?


24/05/07 - Keno Kings on the wireless

An excellent KK session at BBC Radio Suffolk last evening, thanks to Stephen Foster and especially to engineer David Butcher.  Four songs (Helpless, My P45, Mark IV and Life Could Be So Sweet) will be broadcast on Foz's show, one per day Monday to Thursday 4-7 June, from 6pm.  Do tune in to 103.9 or 104.6 FM, or 'listen live' at http://www.bbc.co.uk/suffolk/local_radio/index.shtml 


21/04/07 - Make Tracks to the Railway

We are delighted to announce that the Kenos will be playing at Tracks at The Railway, North Elmham near Dereham on Saturday 15th September.


20/04/07 - The Gudge - we love you

What a night yesterday at the Walnut Tree Shades, Norwich.  A packed house was grooving and moving as one to the KKs total R&B, the atmosphere exactly as described by Stephen Foster in the April edition of Grapevine magazine.  Guitarist Phil appeared to take the brunt of man-groping from landlord The Gudge - but it was a small price to pay for such a great evening.  Everyone is looking forward to 31st May and the KKs next return appearance.


20/04/07 - Keno Kings to record BBC radio session

We are delighted to announce that the KKs will be journeying to Ipswich on 23rd May to record a session for Dr. Feelgood producer Stephen Foster at BBC Radio Suffolk.  Lookout for four songs to be broadcast soon after on Stephen's drivetime show.


1/04/07 - Sound of the Kenos

Checkout the Product page for samples of four songs, taken from the KKs latest two CDs.


30/3/07 - Nelson's Revenge

Another great night at the Lord Nelson, Burnham Thorpe last night.  Everybody wanted to dance, so the KKs obliged with a fine set of rocking R&B.  The band will return on 21st June and 6th September.


02/3/07 - Gigs cancelled

We are saddened to announce the cancellation of four KK appearances at the Garden House, Fakenham on 15th March, 7th June, 6th September and 20 December.  The venue has decided to end provision of live music.


26/1/07 - New CD album - "Seven"

The Keno Kings are pleased as punch to announce the launch of their latest (and seventh) CD album, "Seven".  Already enjoying 'drivetime' airplay on BBC Radio Suffolk, it comes highly recommended.  Available at KK gigs.


19/12/06 - Charity jam, Fox & Hounds, Heacham

Another great turnout for Bill Tingley's jam at the Fox, in support of the Quidenham Hospice.  Part two will be held on Tuesday 9th January 2007, so you still have a chance to be involved and make a contribution.  More info


02/12/06 - White Horse show cancelled

We're sorry to report that the White Horse at Holme next the sea has cancelled the KK show booked for 10th December, 4-6pm.


17/11/06 - Stuart House Hotel, Kings Lynn

A few senior moments tonight.  No drums in the first half necessitated a low-key acoustic-ish 3-piece set, which went down pretty well all things considered.  Phil forgot to bring the Dwight guitar so the full-band second set was sans slide - apologies to fans of the lap-steel.  Apart from that things went very well, our KL friends requesting a fullsome encore which the KKs were more than happy to deliver.  See them in 2007, if they remember.


05/10/06 - Walnut Tree Shades, Norwich

Another tremendous evening at the Walnut, despite the pouring rain outside.  The only drawback was that The Gudge has started to read these news items, and now seems to treat the 'man-groping' thing as a personal challenge.  Last night it was the turn of poor old Steve to bear the brunt with as much dignity as he could muster.  We love you Chris!


12/09/06 - Holme next the sea

Another brilliant and intimate evening at the White Horse.  Thanks and well done to the lad Stuart, standing in on drums for the absent Nobby.


01/09/06 - Norwich

Congratulations and best wishes to Jacqui and KK singer Mick who tied the knot today.


18/08/06 - Coach & Horses, Dersingham

What a night!  The first music night with new landlord Adrian was a raving success.  The pub was rammed with everybody dancing until almost midnight.  Don't miss the return gig on Friday 8th September.


28/07/06 - Stuart House Hotel, Kings Lynn

Yet another fantastic night, and another fantastic Stuart House beer festival - well done to landlord Dave.  Thanks for everyone's support, and for all the enthusiastic dancing.  And the excellent dress Chrissie.


16/07/06 - The Lawyer, Norwich

Apologies to everyone who went to the Lawyer this evening only to find that the Kenos were not there.  Circumstances were beyond the band's control I'm afraid - the landlord had gone away on holiday, his staff were not expecting a band, and they were sent away.  We are assured that the next KK gig there on 30 July will go ahead as planned.  Hope to see you there.


30/06/06 - Walnut Tree Shades, Norwich

Very pleased to report much less man-groping from The Gudge last night.  And what a great night of in-yer-face R&B it was.  The KK's sweet rendition (with enthusiastic crowd support) of 'Happy Birthday' for Jude was beyond compare.  Really.  We're looking forward to the next Walnut appearance already.


03/06/06 - The Milestone, Ipswich

Another great gig at the Milestone on Saturday night.  It was great to chat to the BBC's Stephen Foster, to watch 'loopy' Linda dancing, and to welcome new landlords Phil & Michelle.  The KKs hope to return again very soon.


07/05/06 - Hope to see you all at Gunton Hall

The KKs are very much looking forward to their show at Gunton Hall, Lowestoft, on Sunday 14 May (12:30 lunchtime).  This will be the the first KK appearance at a Boogaloo Promotions Blues Weekender [more info] and they can't wait.  It's all set to be a brilliant weekend.  See you down there!


23/04/06 - New date for Walnut Tree Shades added

Please check out the dates page for a new Walnut Tree Shades show added on 29 June.  Thanks Chris.


13/04/06 - New dates for Wash & Tope added

Please check out the dates page for new Wash & Tope shows added in July, September and December 2006.  Cheers Paul.

Also, sorry to report that two Phoenix, Dereham dates have been cancelled and removed.


29/03/06 - White Horse Blues Tale

Everyone greatly enjoyed last night's event at the White Horse, Holme next the sea.  The small but perfectly formed audience played a crucial part in what was an intimate KK show.  All this after a tumultuous van journey from Norwich during which Steve repeatedly denied the rumours.  And the night was rounded off deliciously with kebabs and chips all round.  Yum.  As usual, Steve had a large portion.  Thanks to Pete for loading the gear, driving the van, and putting up with everybody.


18/03/06 - Interest growing in Gunton Hall blues weekend

A groundswell of interest is now evident in the Keno Kings show on Sunday 14 May (12:30 lunchtime) at Gunton Hall, Lowestoft.  The Kenos appearance is part of Boogaloo Promotions' Gunton Hall Blues weekender [more info]


18/03/06 - Dunroamin

Very best wishes to KK good friends Sue and Geoff who moved into their new home today.


16/03/06 - Walnut Tree Shades, Norwich

Another great evening at the Walnut.  That is if being man-groped from behind by Chris Gudgin can truly be regarded as great.  A full pub, all rocking and a-rollin' well past 11, several CDs sold and many satisfied customers.  Looking forward to the next time.  Apart from the groping. 


02/03/06 - Welcome Mark and the Green Goddess

Bass player Steve (he's from Yarmouth) has a new van, which most of the Kenos have the pleasure of travelling in.  It's a green Renault which Steve has christened 'the "green goddess'' (original).  A warm welcome also to new driver, Mark, whose first gig was the Stuart House last Friday.  Hopefully the KKs haven't put him off yet!  


01/03/06 - Thanks Geoff

Thanks to Geoff Day, departing driver for Steve & the Kenos.  Geoff has been invaluable looking after everyone in so many ways, and the KKs will definitely miss him.  Here's hoping he doesn't get himself into too much of a 'pickle' (in-joke) with his new lady friend, Sue.  Good to see you at the SHH gig.  Love and best wishes to you both.  


24/02/06 - Stuart House Hotel

Terrific atmosphere at the Stuart House, which was packed to the rafters as usual.  Even though Richard and Chrissie think Phil's jokes are rubbish, the KKs very much look forward to their next SHH appearance - the beer festival on Friday 28 July 2006.  A pint of Old Sod please.


21/12/05 - Charity Blues Jam, yesterday

What a night!  I've never seen the Fox & Hounds quite so full of people, and all completely into the music.  Guys from all the best bands, including Kenos Mick & Phil, joined together to form various ad-hoc supergroups.  Special mention is reserved for the considerable efforts of Bill Tingley, who organised the whole affair and made it all happen.  Well done Bill, and excellent bass playing too!  The raffle and auction were both very well supported.  Overall, approximately £800 was raised for the nominated charity, the Marie Curie Cancer Research Fund.

19/11/05 - Charity Blues Jam

Do come along to the Fox & Hounds, Heacham 01485 570345 on Tuesday 20th December for a special jam session in aid of the Marie Curie Cancer Research Fund.  Many locally renowned players will be taking part, including Andy Graham, Jake Graham, John Setchell, Nigel Widdowson, Gizmo & most of the rest of Bonidle, plus the Keno Kings' very own Mick & Phil (and possibly Steve and Nobby).   There will be some awesome raffle prizes and the auction of a Peavey Classic 20 valve amplifier.  The event is sponsored by ampfixer.co.uk


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