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P ersonal Files. Click on the P for a partial Autobiography
                           with links to tributes to my Mother and Father

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Practical Tips. Click on the P for some Practical DIY Tips (March 2008)

  • Introductory Paper Treasures in Heaven (June 98)
  • The Millennium Resolution(October 1999)
  • The New Millennium (Updated October 2001)
  • Transgression and Correction (Nov. 97 plus Sept. 98)
  • Pearls of Wisdom (June 2003) Plus a Quote changed Daily
  • Christianity's Problems with Love and Sex(October 2003)
  • Reflections on Personal Responsibility (October 2003)
  • Time to Let  Go (June 2005)
  • PHP Chaos (January 2006)

  • Protestrotest. More Papers but non PC and diving  Under The Surface

    Places (Click on the Logo)

    Big P laces with treasured memories

    Pennine ennine Water (after my holiday August 98. Updated 2000)

    Big P for History ennine History   (Chapel and Lead Mine)

    anoramas 1    (Teesdale and Largs)

    anoramas 2    (Layby above M6)

    Water Button ennine farewell  (June 2002)

    P aris Souvenir (March 2003)

    P iskies of Cornwall (November 2003)


  • Poems by Paul (April 98)
  • Poems for Paul (March 99)
  • Poem Broken Dreams, by Paul March 2000
  • Growing Up, A Poem from the 1960's
  • A Christmas Poem, Author unknown

  •   ictures

  • Les Objets de la Table by Patrick (June 97)
  • Religious Pictures by Patrick (April 98)
  • Hogarthian Pictures by Patrick (April 98)
  • Greek Pictures by Patrick (April 98)
  • Mysterious Pictures by Patrick (April 98)
  • Pictures by Me (October 98)
  • Pictures by Neville (March 99)
  • New Pictures by Patrick (January 2003)
  • Seasons (May 2006)

  • Pebble and Other Stories

    P oignant Very Short Tales
    P erceptive thoughts from Little Treasures, In Church and On God
    Pebble The Special Pebble. A longer short story, (October 98).
    Sprite The Sprite Stories. Once upon a time........
    P hilip's Story or Limited Expectations
    P hilip's Story Part 2
    P atrick's Story of his previous life
    P atricia, Lady Gangett, and the Toy-Boy
    P ortal, unfinished
    Port Holes

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