The Millennium Resolution

The Millennium Resolution was prepared by Churches Together in England to encourage the whole nation to light a candle and  join in a shared moment of National reflection
on New Year's Eve 1999.

                                  Let there be candle
for the earth

                       Peace for its people
                       Love in our lives
                       Delight in the good
                       Forgiveness for past wrongs
And from now on
                       A NEW START

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I leave it here because I believe it has permanent value

The Resolution makes no mention of God or Jesus Christ and is not couched as a prayer. Some Christians had objections to this, in view of the avowed intention to put Jesus into the centre of Millennium Celebrations. Others assumed that the Resolution had arisen from a readiness to dilute the message to some lowest common denominator, or even bow to political correctness. NO! Heaven Forfend!. It arose from a genuine attempt to be inclusive and to be at one with all people of good will for one important moment. 

For Christians, it represents a Challenge to prove by word and deed that the only way to achieve these desires is by taking up a Cross and following Jesus. Probably the World would say with, maybe, some justification,  that the church has  failed in that endeavour over the first two Millennia. "Beneath the Angel strain hath rolled Two Thousand years of wrong". The beginning of the Third Millennium gives our generation a unique opportunity to do better. And we must! 

Therefore dear Christian: Ask Not why the Resolution contains no mention of our Lord, rather  dedicate yourself to proving that the only way to achieve its goals is by following Him. You do not need to be a Bible Scholar to recognise them as Biblical Imperatives. 

  And to you "who never listened to the message of His birth, who have Christmas without Jesus, bringing you His peace on Earth. I send to you the Joyful tidings, for all people and each home. Listen to the Christmas Anthem: Praise to God the Christ has come

This is a slight revision to the last verse of the carol: Cradled in a manger meanly

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