Corporal Punishment. Footnote 2004

When I wrote my paper in 1998 I suggested that reasonable chastisement should be understood  as less than causing Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) instead of less than Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH). Although they haven't described it in these terms, the UK Government seems to have done what I suggested in reaching a compromise which prevent the Lords banning smacking altogether.

There is now quite a head of steam behind the campaign to ban all corporal punishment based on the flawed idea that children should have the same rights as adults. In fact they have different and much more protective rights: like not being criminally responsible under the age of ten and many more.  It seems to me that there is a simple choice We can already see my prediction coming true: More and more police involvement in schools, the advent of ASBO's (Anti-social behaviour orders) and even metal detectors in schools. I chuckle when I think what my headmaster would have thought of that. The choice is between parents controlling children or the police. Anyone of my generation who saw the recent television pictures of young children, out of control, terrorizing their community will have had but one thought. They needed a good hiding! 

My further prediction is this. If the misguided people behind the campaign to ban corporal punishment get their way, we shall see eight year olds in handcuffs and police officers in every school. If that is what you want fine. If not then write to your MP asking that the Government should return power to parents and encourage them to control their children from a young age with sensible smacks and lots of love and attention. At the moment many parents believe smacking is already illegal,  fear their child might tell at school and cause all sorts of trouble and so they resort to angry shouting instead.

Why smacks? Angry shouting is not a good thing, so  have you seen the alternative proposed. That was on the Telly recently too. It involved imprisoning three year olds in a room on their own (A so-called safe room) for three minutes. The program suggested a minute for each year of age. It also suggested giving lots of hugs and kisses when they were good and rejecting them when they were not. To me that is cruel and inhuman. I know that is how I was brought up! Instead a smack and a cuddle closes a naughty incident and immediately restores peace without any need for rejection.

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