Pennine Farewell 2002

I first camped in the Pennines in 1974  (The "Elf" is my son)
Camp 74
  In 2002 I was the last camper
Last Camper

The farm is sold and I am too old and my van is also sold, so here is a collection of pictures and animations taken on my farewell trip:

Farm is sold

Naturally I revisited the waterfalls
Gibson' Cave Low Force
But set up my camera further away than hitherto. And of course the path:
High Force Old Railway track
Then Barnard Castle
Barnard Castle Market
Parkinson's  Plaque Barnard Castle
And finally The Troughs in the steps of the Giant and the Dragon
Giant's Footprints Dragon's Rock
The Troughs from Pennine Way

Farewell Beloved Pennines

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