Places of Treasured Memories

My former Seaside Retreat has a page of its own. On this page I shall collect other places of which I have treasured memories, which do not appear elsewhere on the site, and dedicate it to those who shared those places with me and pray for them.

Hunterston ADungeness B

Hunterston A, Magnox Nuclear Station                                    Dungeness B, AGR Nuclear Station

I assisted commission the former in 1963 and the latter around 1980. Two very different experiences: At the first I had a manager breathing down my neck checking my results, at the latter it seemed if no managers cared. Never mind, scientific integrity was the watchword of all my colleagues and of utmost importance to me.

Now some trees to which I have added sprites

And here's the river and its special bridge

Bridge looking North Paul on Bridge Bridge looking South

 Rochester a favourite Place for Expeditions

Rochester CastleCrypt of Rochester Cathedral

Sittingbourne Light Railway The Troughs
Here a friend
is beside himself,
Man and Boy,
by the Sittingbourne and Kemsley
and at The Troughs

May the Lord bless, prosper and defend those who have helped make these places memorable. Amen

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