Sleightholm BeckPennine Water

Wherein are Sprites


Low Force and High Force. To hear High Force click on the pictureLow ForceHigh Force

Gibson's Cave Complete with Gibson!!  Inside and Out

Inside Gibson's CaveOutside Gibson's Cave

Cauldron Snout

Cauldron Snout
This was photographed on a foul day in 2000
And required a mile walk with my tripod
All in the name of art. Now it has a blue sky.
Just shows what editing can do!
Below is a shot down the valley
Looking down the valley

My dear friend AnnieHere is a tribute to

My friend Annie 1905 - 2001

This pictures her in 1998. For me she was
part of the Pennines from 1974. 

Now taken "safe home" let her SING to you.

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